Lego Masters tells a story to make it to Finals Week

Lego Masters tells a story to make it to Finals Week

n episode 12 of LEGO Masters Australia, 5 remaining teams face the ultimate storytelling challenge in a build designed to test endurance and creativity. The name of the challenge is “beginning, middle & end” and requires the teams to build on a rotating baseplate that will reveal a story in three different parts.

With 12 hours on the clock for each team to essentially complete 3 separate builds, this is a challenge, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before in LEGO Masters history! And today they’re not playing for the Titanium Brick, they’re playing for a spot in Finals Week! With Henry & Joss already guaranteed their place in finals week from their previous win, only 3 spots remain alongside them, meaning one team will be eliminated and sent home today. The stakes couldn’t be any higher.

Inspiration strikes quickly for Caleb & Alex who believe storytelling to be one of their recent strengths in the competition. In a visit from Hamish they explain their idea enthusiastically as “The story of two kids who grow up playing fighter pilot video games together, they later in life graduate as pilots. But tragedy strikes in the final scene as we find one lonely pilot on his own, his best friends helmet sitting next to him”. Hamish jokes that it sounds exactly like the plot of Top Gun much to Caleb’s horror at not realizing the similarities.  

Titanium Brick holders Joss & Henry decide their 3 act story will be the life-cycle of a dinosaur. Despite the fact they’re guaranteed a place in finals week already, the boys set-out to make this their most impressive build yet and are determined to show everyone exactly WHY they deserve to be there. Being a huge dinosaur nerd, Joss knows this idea is something they can nail. But their dinosaur knowledge will be questioned by Hamish, who is a self-proclaimed dinosaur expert and continually quizzes the boys throughout the build.

For filmmakers Nick & Gene, today’s challenge is right up their alley. Telling 3 act stories is what they’re trained to do and they’re desperate for a spot in finals week. The boys decide rather than going for something obvious or overloaded with action, they want to tell a story with emotion and heart. What they decide on is a tale of a boy whose snowman comes to life, but then melts at the end of winter. But as the boys progress their build, they begin to question their narrative choice and wonder if their idea is too dark?  

After some initial squabbling back and forth, the idea Lexi & Rachel settle on is Rachel’s take on working 9-5, in which an office worker violently flips their desk and takes off on a tropical holiday. Hamish jokes that ‘corporate burnout’ is every kids favourite LEGO set. The girls are working harmoniously together, but their concept is questioned by Brickman mid build who suggests there’s not enough action in the third scene and that possibly it’s a little boring. The girls have a dilemma on their hands and must decide whether or not to change their last scene…

Kirsti & Dan struggle from start to finish on this build, failing to even agree on an idea until 1 full hour into the competition. Eventually with some help from Brickman they settle on the story of a knights quest. But the slow-start has cost them greatly and with their concept requiring multiple large characters, it’s a constant race against the clock for them and the atmosphere is incredibly tense. They’re convinced it’s their head on the chopping block tonight and fight to keep their spirits up.

The two teams who find themselves in the bottom two – are Lexi & Rachel and Kirsti & Dan

Lexi & Rachel are critiqued for their second scene being too similar to their first. And for not nailing the expressions on their characters. Kirsti & Dan are critiqued for not having enough polish as a result of their slow start which is what causes them to miss out on finals week


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