LEGO Masters: Grand Masters Theme Park Elimination

LEGO Masters: Grand Masters Theme Park Elimination

After an incredible Brick Week, reality has settled in for the contestants as they face the first elimination for LEGO® Masters: Grand Masters. The first part of today’s challenge, the teams will have to construct a motorised rollercoaster cart in whatever theme they like, but to be the winning cart it must survive the rollercoaster track. The teams only have two hours to make their cart the winner and receive an advantage for the second part of challenge, which is an elimination.

David & Gus have decided on a ‘Crazy Clown’ cart, which is evil and scary!  Kale is letting the bricks in the Brickpit speak to him and they are telling him to build a ‘Pink Princess Pirate Ship’.  Scotty & Owen are going hard for the advantage and have decided to make a ‘Spinning Teacup’ which will spin around the track.  Alex & Caleb have decided to draw on food experience and build a burger cart!

Joss & Henry have decided on a ‘Skull Cart’ as they think it will keep the build lighter. Scotty & Owen are going hard for the advantage and have decided to make a ‘Spinning Coaster’ that actually spins.

Unexpectedly, two teams have landed on the same idea: ‘Snail’. Sarah & Henry and Andrew & Damien are determined to come out as the best snail.  Gabby & Ryan are turning an ‘Egyptian Sarcophagus’ into a cart.

The challenge proves to be much more difficult than the Grand Masters expected with only two carts surviving the official test. David & Gus’ makes it around the corner but loses half of the clown’s face, but it was Joss & Henry whose build is the only successful one to make it all the way around the course, and their first win of Grand Masters.

The second part of today’s eliminations sees the teams complete the unfinished rollercoaster. They need to come up with an amazing theme but on top of that, 50% of the judging will be from the point of view of the rollercoaster, as if there was actually a mini figure on the ride.

Joss and Henrys advantage is that they get to assign the lots of the rollercoasters to the other teams. They decide to take lot 5, they issue Andrew & Damien Lot 1, Gabby & Ryan receive Lot 2, Henry & Sarah get Lot 3, 4 goes to Scotty & Owen, 6 is given to Alex & Caleb, Trent & Kale get Lot 7 and David & Gus receive Lot 8.  They get 12 hours to build the next part of the Theme Park.

Joss & Henry choose to build a spooky Halloween inspired rollercoaster with a giant pumpkin king and mechanised skeletons.   Gabby & Ryan are inspired by real world objects and have decided on doing the Big Stuff of Australia including the big cork hat and big budgie smugglers.

Alex and Caleb are going to create a dinosaur theme and are building a giant blue dinosaur as the feature of their rollercoaster.  Trent and Kale do not want to play it safe as today is an elimination challenge. They have decided to build a massive life-sized bust of a Superhero.  Kale scale is finally happening on Grand Masters!

David & Gus have decided to stick with the crazy clown theme they used in the coaster challenge and build a Crazy Clown Warehouse. They have also decided to take a risk and to create scares that do not use batteries but are timed with the arrival of the cart. It’s a massive risk but they hope it will pay off and the scares will be perfect for this challenge.

Sarah & Henry want to do a Zombie themed rollercoaster with huge zombies looming over the track. They are really thinking about the camera shots on the rollercoaster and are being very strategic with the placement of the zombies.

Even though Scott & Owen are safe from elimination with the Grand Brick, they are attempting yet another crazy mechanism as they are determined to win again. They are going to mechanise a giant skull that will open up and move the cart inside a mountain.

Andrew & Damien have settled on ‘Temple Raiders’ a jungle-based treasure run.

Brickman warns Kale & Trent that 50% of the brief is about the Point of View with the camera riding the rollercoaster on the build, but Kale is determined to finish his ‘Kale Scale’ superhero figure and forges ahead ignoring Brickman’s advice. Eventually, Trent and realise that they need to incorporate those POV moments, or they are going home. They decide to wrap the rollercoaster track around the life sized bust and hope it can be seen on the POV.

Owen drops some deeply personal news to Scotty, letting him know he’s going to be a dad and there are tears all round.

It’s time to see what the POV will look like from the front of the ‘coaster’. Every build has its positives and the coaster made it through the whole build intact! It’s Henry & Sarah’s ‘Zombies’ and Joss & Henry’s ‘Halloween Land’ that both look incredible on the POV, but it’s Joss & Henry’s ‘Halloween Land’ that takes out the win with Brickman calling it ‘ace’ – they become the holders of the Grand Brick, they will be safe, should the next build be an elimination.

Unfortunately for David & Gus, the scares they had built were too tall for the POV camera and can only just be seen. They join Kale & Trent in the bottom two, who also didn’t have any POV moments. Whilst their Superhero scale is incredible, it doesn’t tick all the boxes with the full brief, the moments were not caught on the POV camera and that’s why Trent & Kale are the first team to be eliminated.


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