Farmer Wants A Wife Country Ball ends in conflict

Farmer Wants A Wife Country Ball ends in conflict

onight on Farmer Wants A Wife, the excited farmers and their ladies enjoyed a night of music and dancing at the annual Country Ball, headlined by Aussie singer-songwriter Taylor Moss.

The farmers all caught up about their first week with ladies on their farms, with Farmer Brad confessing preschool teacher Clare was a front-runner for him and he hoped she felt the same way.

“Tonight would be a good chance to ask her if she’s feeling what I’m feeling,” said Brad. “I guess if she’s not feeling it, it’d be a kick in the guts, but you know, there’s another three ladies there to then go and get to know them a lot better too.”  

With solo dates on the cards after the ball, the ladies put their best foot forward to try and catch their farmer’s eye. The dancefloor soon turned into a battlefield for Farmer Andrew after restaurant owner Maddison cut in on nurse Lucie who had set out to get the first chat.

“That’s just not fair,” said a clearly annoyed Lucie. “Maddison, she’s a snake. She’s rude, and I’m done.”

Mine truck driver, Claire, brought an oblivious Andrew up to speed on the drama, while creative consultant Jessie, maintained her distance.

Farmer Brenton was in hot demand on the dancefloor and despite a strong connection with social media manager, Sophie, gave one-on-one time to each of his ladies.

At the end of the ball, each farmer chose one partner for their next solo date:

Farmer Andrew: Jessie

Farmer Brad: Corista

Farmer Brenton: Rachel

Farmer David: Lorelei

Farmer Matt: Olivia


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