LEGO Masters: Grand Masters City In The Sky

LEGO Masters: Grand Masters City In The Sky

After five seasons, LEGO® Masters is back bigger and grander than ever.

Joining host Hamish Blake and judge Ryan “Brickman” McNaught are sixteen returning contestants who are competing for the ultimate title of LEGO® Masters: Grand Masters and $100,000.

As the eight teams arrive, Hamish reveals that a Grand Brick is being forged. The challenge is announced, and the teams must create a world suspended high in the sky. Not only must they tick Brickman’s judging criteria, but the builds must also be able to balance. They have 14 hours to complete their builds (two hours less than a normal LEGO® Masters Episode 1 build).

Season 3 finalists Gabby and Ryan decide to go with a Viking Tree of Life. Brothers and Season 4 winners Joss and Henry build a futuristic shipyard being raided by pirates. David and Gus push the boundaries and build Space Monkeys.

Wanting to make their mark on the competition, Owen and Scott draw on Owen’s Technic mechanism expertise and decide to build a Mine on an Asteroid. Meanwhile, Kale and Trent, facing challenges as a new team, finally settle on an idea and decide to build a Phoenix Egg Heist.

Henry and Sarah set about building a Shipping Container City being attacked by a monster. Alex and Caleb decide to build a Love Robot, and Andrew and Damian choose a Sky Resort.

Midway through the build, Hamish reveals a LEGO® Masters first for “Brick Week” – a leaderboard which will cover the first three episodes across the entire week to determine the winner of the prized new brick.

The leaderboard returns following judging. For the first time in LEGO® Masters history, a score out of 20 is given, showing teams exactly where they stand.

Who will be crowned winner of the very first Grand Masters Challenge

All teams had fantastic builds but its time to bring out the leaderboard.

With a score of 14 are Alex and Caleb and Trent and Kale 15 points for henry and sarah 16 points are given to Joss and Henry and Damian and Andrew leaveing our three finalists from season 3 battling for top spot.

In 3rd place is Gabby and Ryan on 17 points 2nd place goes to David and Gus on 17 points. This means Scotty and Owen win episode 1 with 18 points.


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