Nick and Liz Face Fears, Camp Sheds Tears

Nick and Liz Face Fears, Camp Sheds Tears

The camp mates have got a new toy to play in the shape of a Honey Badger! Here’s what went down in jungle town tonight….

Fun for the whole jungle family is a little game we like to call, Sticko on Dicko. Each celeb had to stick their face on Dicko without him noticing, but there is always one who is a bit too enthusiastic, with Deb going a little too hard too soon and nearly giving up the jig.

Chris and Julia chose Liz Ellis to participate in the most terrifying trial in the I’m a Celebrity playbook, Cliffhanger. And no, it’s not watching the Sylvester Stallone nineties hit movie, by the same name, on repeat.

Standing at the peak of the third largest canyon in the world, Liz was greeted with a giant structure composed of two twelve-metre-long towers, suspended out over a yawning void with a vertical two-kilometre drop. If you aren’t afraid of heights, you are now.

But with two towers to climb, Liz was going to need a helping hand. Enter Honey Badger stage left. Disguised as a soundo, Nick stripped off his crew gear and into his jungle gear. High five to the wardrobe department who hid Nick’s iconic curls with a curly wig and his iconic moustache with another moustache.

Nick and Liz worked together as a team to climb the scaffolding and insanely managed to retrieve every flag along the way before letting go and falling into the canyon. Nothing like shared trauma to bond celebs for life.

The next instalment of everyone’s favourite South African woodpile-based celebrity talk show, Getting Wood With Woody, tonight saw Dicko in the spotlight. Dicko broke down when he spoke of the backlash following his infamous comments surrounding Paulini’s gold dress. He had received a letter from a surgeon about his daughter who was in hospital with an eating disorder. A fan of Australian Idol, she had witnessed Dicko’s comments, which subsequently sent her spiralling and near death. A visibly emotional Dicko, a father of two young girls at the time, knew he needed to accept responsibility.

We learned about Adam Cooney meeting his partner at the age of 20 and becoming dad to her toddler who had cerebral palsy and an intellectual disability. At four years old, she was unable to walk. Everyday, Adam would come home from training and together they would practice walking, and after some time, it paid off.

Liz re-entered camp to cheers as she explained the trial which earned her seven stars. Camp went off like a cut snake when in walked Nick Cummins with an extra six stars.

After dining on zebra loin, dessert queen Anna lobbed into camp with armfuls of chocolate, and various other ingredients needed to bake cookies on the campfire, thanks to camp successfully completing the Sticko on Dicko challenge. Lots of things were licked.

It was post feed Q&A time where Bianca Hunt took centre stage discussing the lack of First Nations representation in the media and how all “little black girls want to be Oprah”. Harry then went on to speak about being a boxer while also having a feminine side, before choking up when describing his relationship with his father.


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