Junior MasterChef Australia eliminates the first three mini chefs

Junior MasterChef Australia eliminates the first three mini chefs

The competition is heating right up with minuscule mistakes determining who will be eliminated from the competition.

With Georgia and Carter safe after winning immunity in the previous cook, everyone else faced the dreaded elimination challenge to decide who would go, and who would stay.

In the first round of the two-round challenge, the contestants faced the infamous taste test. Blindfolded, they stepped up to identify the contents of a jar by using only their sense of smell, touch and taste.Etka, Ryan, Laura, Salvo, Ben and Porsha stumbled over their blind tastings, landing them a place in round two.

The judges announced that all knives and forks had been removed from the kitchen, leaving the contestants to cook a dish the judges could eat using a spoon, chopsticks or their hands. With 60 minutes on the clock, the three least impressive dishes would send their makers’ home.

With an advantage up her sleeve from her very first cook in the competition, Laura made the brave decision to save herself and hit the immunity gong.

Tiffany showcased her Hungarian heritage creating an impressive and technical four-course meal, Ben cooked his favourite dish, bao buns, and Salvo created the classic desert, tiramisu. All three dishes impressed the judges, earning their makers a spot back in the competition.

Etka also tapped into his family history cooking Samsas, but sadly his lamb mince filling was over-cooked, ending his time in the MasterChef kitchen. Ryan cooked a Korean chicken lettuce wrap, and while the chicken was perfectly cooked, the marinade was lacking salt, and he was sent home. Porsha produced a dish of dessert nachos that looked like traditional savoury nachos. The judges were impressed by her creativity; however, they felt the dish didn’t demonstrate enough technique, sending Porsha home.