Drunk History Australia October 19

Drunk History Australia October 19

Next week on Drunk History Australia we look at Don Bradman and  Lillian Armfield.

Heath Franklin gets on the beers as storyteller and none other than Hughesy, plays cricketing icon Don Bradman.

With a career that infamously ended with a duck, when all he needed was four measly runs, this is the story of how the boy from Bowral who grew up hitting a golf ball against a water tank, won a place in Australian folklore.

Going back 100 years, Sydney was vastly different from today; it was full of drugs, prostitution, crime, and bootleg alcohol. The underworld was run by notorious brothel madams who would use their ladies to sell sex, cocaine and recruit unsuspecting girls.

The NSW police decided they needed some female cops to deal with the problem, so they hired Lillian Armfield who ended up earning the respect of both the police and the criminals.

Becky Lucas brilliantly regales us with this tale, featuring appearances from Leeanna Walsman and Roxy Jacenko as a brothel madame (yes, you read that right).

9:30pm Monday on 10