It’s Not Over Until JLP Snuffs Your Torch

It’s Not Over Until JLP Snuffs Your Torch

Australian Survivor has delivered another big episode as we head towards the end game.

It was the Outback’s version of Water Polo during the Immunity Challenge, as Castaways made their way through a water-based obstacle course to land two balls in a net. Wai gave up on the first hurdle, foregoing the challenge, and George’s fear of heights saw him out of the running not long after. After shooting and scoring, Dani won her first Individual Immunity.

Ahead of the vote, Dani and Flick knew the pressure was on to break up the majority alliance and planned to entice Hayley and Wai with a more enticing target – George. Meanwhile Hayley and Wai weighed up the potential damage that would ensue if their targets, Flick or George, managed to save themselves with the Tribal urn. Cara was paranoid that the votes will inadvertently be put on her, but with an Idol in tow, she wasn’t afraid to use it.

At Tribal Council, JLP reminded everyone that the Tribal urns were very much in play with a one in three chance of surviving, before an immune Dani threw a grenade revealing that George’s time was up and that Hayley and Wai were on board.

Before the votes were read out, Cara felt the nervous energy in the room and not wanting to take any chances, played her Immunity Idol for herself. As the votes were counted, it was revealed he OG Brains had indeed stuck to their word, with two votes to George and four to Flick.

As Flick stepped up to take her shot at the Tribal urns, she smashed her chosen urn on the ground and the Save Scroll was exposed. Six Survivors still remain.


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