The Voice finds its top 8

The Voice finds its top 8

The final eight are determined and the field for the Semi-Final locked after more incredible performances last night on The Voice.

 Team Jess and Team Rita’s Top Five gave their all as a country lawnmower, teenage diamond-in-the-rough, polished girl group and powerhouse performer proved they deserve their spot on the stage of the world’s biggest singing competition.

G-Nat!on were fast-tracked to the Semi-Final after Rita Ora wasn’t ready to say Bye, Bye, Bye following their stunning performance of the *NSYNC track. Trusting her instinct, Rita declared: “I have to put you through.” Her belief in G-Nat!on hasn’t wavered since their first Blind Audition saw the superstar coach passionately pitching for the girl group with killer harmonies and epic dance moves. Guy thought their “sense of polish” shone through as Jess agreed: “What a performance!”

Ella Monnery’s incredible rendition of Stupid Love by Lady Gaga cemented her spot straight into the Semi-Final after the powerhouse performer’s attempt to put her own twist on the song proved a challenge. As her coach Jess encouraged: “You’ve got this”, Ella stepped on The Voice stage knowing: “I’ve got this one chance to show [Jess] I deserve to be on her team.” Jess beamed: “I needed you to believe in yourself and you did that tonight. I’m going to reward that – you’re going through!” Rita agreed Ella rose to the occasion acknowledging it is: “Extremely hard to do an uplifting song like that and still show off your vocals.”

Mick Harrington struggled to believe he belongs on The Voice stage, but his performance of I’m With You by Avril Lavigne left no doubt in his coach Jess’ mind. Jess said: “Watching you on stage, you still feel like a fish out of water here… honestly you do belong there. I want to tell you that. You’re not just Mick the lawnmower, you could be Mick the megastar.” Rita enthused his performance was “amazing” calling him a “great storyteller.” A shocked Mick hugged Jess and proclaimed: “You don’t know how much this means to me.”

Sian Fuller; whose surprise Blind Audition blew everyone away after attending The Voice to support her brother, and fellow Semi-Finalist, Jordan; scored a Semi-Final berth with her intimate and emotional take on Complicated by Avril Lavigne. After hearing all her Top Five artists perform, Rita sent the 16-year-old through declaring: “It has to come down to who I see grow the fastest and who has that growth inside of them, who I think would win.” Keith proclaimed Sian a “classic diamond in the rough.” Sian said: “I would not have ever imagined anything like this ever happening to me.” 

he Voice Top 8 artists are:

Team Rita

Sian Fuller, 16, NSW

G-Nat!on, Taylah (17), Isla (16), Mateja (15), Rylee (16), Alessia (16) and Emma (18), SA

Team Keith

Arlo Sim, 18, NSW

Lau Abend, 21, NSW

Team Guy

Bella Taylor Smith, 23, NSW

Jordan Fuller, 19, NSW

Team Jess

Ella Monnery, 24, VIC

Mick Harrington, 32, VIC


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