The Block Cheating Scandal begins

The Block Cheating Scandal begins

It’s been teased for weeks and tonight Ronnie’s comments at judging last night finally started to take shape.

Josh and Luke took out their first win last night at judging on The Block for their master bedroom and walk-in-robe, but not everyone is happy. Ronnie and Georgia in particular feel they didn’t deserve to win.The Blockheads return back to Bronte Court and Mitch and Mark find the $8,000 Chanel bag in their walk-in-robe, that the judges awarded to them for the best styled room.

This week much to the shock of everyone, our contestants will be renovating half the downstairs basement. It’s the first time The Block has had basements.

At the Domain Open for Inspections there wasn’t much love for Luke and Josh’s two rooms. Ronnie said it was “bulls..t” they won. They were also accused of cheating because they believe Luke’s fiancée Olivia helped with the styling.

Kirsty and Jesse need a win this week and they are going to throw everything into their cinema room in the basement.Tanya and Vito are also doing a cinema room as are Ronnie and Georgia.

Josh and Luke head to the Yarra Valley for a winner’s getaway but back at The Block Keith isn’t happy with the boys as the basement is flooding because they haven’t installed a tarp on the roof.

Georgia believes the twins aren’t taking The Block seriously as Ronnie drops a huge bomb. He believes they have prior knowledge of the schedule thanks to a mysterious photo that was taken in The Block production office.

So it begins – the greatest cheating scandal The Block has seen.

Ronnie and Georgia aren’t happy with the persistent rumours going around on The Block that a photo exists of the whole entire building schedule. The problem with the photo is if teams saw it, they have an advantage because they can plan ahead. The challenges were also on the whiteboard where the mystery photo was taken.  It was taken in Scotty’s office in the production office.

Josh and Luke hear that Ronnie and Georgia have been talking about the photo so they confront them in the McCafe and it all kicks off. Ronnie tells them it’s unfair, and that this photo is potentially the biggest cheating scandal in television history, not just The Block.

Josh and Luke confirm they were sent the photo, but they won’t say by who. Tanya and Vito are remaining quiet down at House No.3, he and Tanya say they know nothing about the photo

Scotty takes Ronnie and Georgia and Josh and Luke into the production office and rubs of the whiteboard where the photo was taken and the building schedule. What this means is it’s chaos on The Block as the building schedule has to be changed and the is bad for everyone. Mitch and Mark say whoever took the photo and whoever has seen it is cheating. They won’t be quiet.

At Josh and Luke’s winners and grinners Scotty tells the Blockheads the photo has caused the entire building schedule to be changed.  It has thrown everything into chaos. He asks, does anyone want to put their hand up and own up to taking the photo? No one does. Tanya and Vito are very quiet and Georgia is very suspicious about this.


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