House Rules Season One – Victorian House Work Causes Dramas

House Rules Season One – Victorian House Work Causes Dramas

Geez, Seven really like to cast the feisty types and tonight’s episode has flames thrown in all directions. Watch, and you will see what I mean!

Carly wants to take on some bigger jobs this week after being shunted to the sidelines by Leighton in recent rounds. She begins work restoring the fireplace in Nick’s bedroom. Apparently, Nick doesn’t actually want it. This could go down bad.

Michelle & Steve work on turning their first bathroom into a ‘wall of mirrors’ for Nick’s ego.

Later in the day, Jane loses her phone down the crapper. Oh, dear! Plinio already has problems with some of his stuff having to be shipped overnight. They’ll be cutting it fine.

Carolyn arrives on site to find out that Michelle & Steve’s toilet room size is too small. Michelle tries to ask Sean if he’d be up for shortening his zone so they can have more floor space. Amy & Sean aren’t too crash hot on the idea.

It turns out to be a fight between the States of Origin!

Carly meanwhile is still annoyed that some portions of their design have not been finalised. It turns into an argument when she confronts Leighton.

The ‘Mad Men’ theme continues to confuse everyone.

Plinio goes out to buy some wallpaper and takes his time. Meanwhile, Jane is nervous about his pick.

Meanwhile, windows are going in. Sean is using one window as a splashback. He thinks it looks really good. And things are looking good for Michelle & Steve as they settle on a good toilet and shower! Council noise restrictions now come to force.

The next day, the day isn’t so serene. Jane needs a grate for the ensuite bathroom and it hasn’t arrived yet. They need it to continue with the construction. It pisses Jane off.

Carly has been called in to do the insulation, which makes her happy. She’s happy to do it, but she has a few questions Leighton doesn’t want to have to answer. The two bicker again.

Ben heads off to get some wood for his feature.

Sean & Amy have done all they can to get their kitchen space done in time for installation however their cabinetry has been cancelled. It’s not a good thing to happen so far into the week.

Carly is planning to paint the walls and ceiling burgundy, sticking to the ‘no white’ brief, but the brothers believe the ceiling should still be a light colour. As Carly & Leighton decide what to go for in terms of colour scheme for the den, they bicker…again!

The bickering occurs for the rest of the day, and escalates. This day as a whole leaves every couple drained! And it all continues tomorrow…


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