The Block Sky High Season Six – Screen-printing Challenge

The Block Sky High Season Six – Screen-printing Challenge

It was an emotional time on The Block yesterday, but it’s all back to work for our Blockheads as they gear up for another double room reveal.

So, apparently, there’s a challenge which involves taking snaps of iconic Melbourne landmarks. Unfortunately for Madi, she was away getting her bathroom design down pat when Scott announced the challenge.

They all head to some alleyway where Shelley is greeting them. Their challenge is to turn their photos of Melbourne into two vibrant pieces of furniture. Shelley uses a set of drawers with a screen printed image of The Block on it as well as a funky picture. They will get 6 hours to complete the challenge. The winners will be the ones that create the most creative pieces of furniture. Stuart Russell is on hand to judge. The winners will get $3,000 and two safety deposit keys.

Alisa & Lysandra’s picture highlights the city’s architecture. George & Bec are using a picture of Luna Park. Madi & Jarrod are using pictures of South Melbourne’s shopping district. Matt & Kim are using a picture of the Melbourne trams. Or…in their case…just the Melbourne tramline as there are no trams in sight. Trixie & Johnno are just using a picture of a security gate.

They all need to now find a piece of furniture to screen-print their picture on. The catch is that they will have to use their furniture in their rooms. Matt & Kim are not having luck as Matt is trying to buy furniture that is $450 more than his budget allows. The other teams have more luck. In the end, Matt & Kim go with a small indoor bench.

The contestants now begin their screen printing. Alisa is concerning her twin and Shelley with the amount of effect she’s giving the picture. George is getting frustrated with the task however Bec tries to remain positive.

Madi is in her element, but is not helped by Jarrod. One hour remains. Johnno is a screen printing pro and puts his design on the furniture with ease. Meanwhile, Matt & Kim are just having no luck. Despite their downfalls, they go ahead with putting the paint on the bench seat and it actually works for them.

Soon, the challenge is over and it is time for the judging. Up first is Trixie and Johnno and their chest of drawers. Stuart thinks they’ve done really well. Stuart then calls the twin’s photo informal but confident.

Bec & George are next. Stuart would have liked a bigger difference between their picture and their furniture picture. Madi & Jarrod are after and he is impressed.

Matt & Kim are last and Stuart thinks the graphics come together really well.

In the end, the winners are…Matt & Kim!! How? I don’t know! Their art did look very impressive.

Soon after the challenge, Trixie & Johnno’s gas is going in which means hot water. Trixie is over the moon. Jarrod meanwhile is not so joyous as his master bedroom is way behind. It’s making shopping a nightmare.

Matt & Kim however are well into their shopping and have almost finished it all. A back injury on Matt’s behalf threatens to derail their lead.

All contestants are well into their shopping for all sorts of materials. Some are so far ahead; they begin work on preparing for future weeks. Matt wants to prepare his floors as he’s using a couple of fancy floor coverings. He does the right thing and has Keith on site to hear of all plans so he isn’t getting an unfair advantage on the rest of the teams.

All of a sudden, Dan & Dani come to visit! But not only that, Mark & Duncan and Phil & Amity also visit as part of a promo visit. Phil & Amity are amazed to hear they have to do five bathrooms! They do give out some good advice.


  1. Ann

    Matt is a liar and therefore cheat and thinks it’s funny. Putting me off the show cheats getting off.

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