The Living Room May 31

The Living Room May 31

The Living Room this week goes to tokyo. looks at vegie patches and The Commando makes an appearance.


Chris Brown travels to Tokyo on a weird and wonderful day trip like none other. First stop is a tip off from Amanda, the Parasite Museum, where a collection of stomach-churning parasitic specimens are the main attraction. Then it’s onto an experimental restaurant, Ne Quittez Pas, where Chris learns how chef Tanarbi has un-earthed the new culinary fad…dirt dining.  Lastly, Chris visits ‘Electric City’ to find out exactly what Japan’s new ‘Maid Café’ phenomenon is all about.



This week in the heart of Melbourne city, Miguel Maestre discovers a rooftop taking urban farming to the skies. Located on top of Federation Square car park the ‘Pop Up Vege Patch’ is a community vegetable garden run by Mike and Fabian. These sky-high veggie farmers teach Miguel about their edible urban garden and in return Miguel whips up a deliciously fresh pumpkin soup.



Amanda visits The Biggest Loser: The Next Generation’s trainer Commando. She finds out more about the man behind the sunnies and tries to crack his tough façade. After a work out that tests the strengths of the muscle man, Amanda puts the ex-special forces soldier to the ultimate test. Can she uncover his soft side and reduce him to tears – or will Amanda have to drop and give him 20?



Reno-phobes Tim and Jules bought their inner city semi because of its pristine, renovated state. But the white washed walls and renovated rooms have their home feeling fifty shades of beige. The bedroom, with its adjoining balcony, looks like the couple have just moved in. There’s not a single item in the room that gives Baz a clue to this couple’s design taste or personality. Baz calls in garden guru Lilly to help make sense of the outside space. The first thing he decides is that they need some shock colour therapy. Will they come around to his bold, vintage inspired theme? Or will Baz and Lilly’s designs have them running for the hills?

7:30 PM  Friday on Ten

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