House Rules Season One – The Tasmanian Renovation Begins

House Rules Season One – The Tasmanian Renovation Begins

With last night’s WA room reveal, it’s time to move to Tasmania where Jane & Plinio’s house will lie in the hands of the other teams and, for the first time, we see Jemma & Ben in action. Bring it on!

We’re in Hobart, Tasmania. Jane & Plinio are getting ready to leave their house for the week as the other contestants move in. When they arrive, Johanna shows them around the house. Before that, we find out the advantage Carly & Leighton get for winning last week’s house reveal- to choose their zone.

Amy & Sean’s disadvantage for losing it will be the fact they have to camp in the backyard for the entire week.

The entire house is cracking and peeling. The contestants are very much horrified by the task ahead. Carly & Leighton use the tour to figure out what zone they want. Maybe viewing the House Rules will help.

First, we view the zones. They are: kitchen and family room, lounge, dining area and entry, master bedroom, study room and hallway, Nina’s bedroom and bathroom and Jarra’s bedroom and laundry. Nina and Jarra are the children. Carly & Leighton choose to do the kitchen and family room. They have no idea why they’ve chosen it.

Michelle and Steve are given the master bedroom, study area and hall. Nick & Chris get the lounge, dining area and entry. Jemma and Ben’s first renovation will be Jarra’s bedroom, toilet and laundry. Amy & Sean will get Nina’s Bedroom and bathroom.

The House Rules state they want an entrance they will remember, their books to be shown off in a study nook, a family-friendly kitchen, a Danish design with art deco twist and to keep it eco-friendly.

Nick & Chris think Jane & Plinio don’t know what they want. The contestants now try to collect as much stuff as possible to use or draw inspiration from in the final renovation before decon. When that is all done, Amy and Sean go look at their camp site. Steve and Michelle are now arguing over each other’s annoyance.

The first night is basically just planning time for most teams. The next day, the contestants wake up to a clear and empty house. They begin planning zone size and taking initial measurements. Michelle and Steve begin to mock Jemma and Ben’s initial laid back-ness.

Carolyn turns up to see how all the planning is going. Carly & Leighton and Nick & Chris share flowing zones, and so their style decisions need to match. Nick & Chris are concerned Leighton is trying to overpower them.

Meanwhile, Michelle has spotted something worrying in a wardrobe- asbestos. Nick & Chris find some more underneath their bath. Chester arrives and shuts down the site for everyone’s safety. Unfortunately, while the site is shut down for the specialists to remove the asbestos, the clock remains ticking.

Meanwhile, Jane & Plinio are already wondering how things are going at home and they haven’t even reached their destination yet!

While the house is shut down, Jemma and Ben look for some eco-friendly toilets. Nick & Chris go looking for a dining table, not concerned that a large dining table may hinder Carly & Leighton’s design plan. Meanwhile, Jemma and Ben want floorboards but the supplier advises against it as the laundry is a wet area. Jemma disagrees. She gets emotional over it but in the end settles for tiles.

After four hours, the asbestos is removed from the house and the contestants can go back into their house albeit behind schedule. Jemma and Ben aren’t helped by a rocky foundation. Amy & Sean’s bathroom supplier then comes around but their vanity is too expensive. Do they go ahead with it and possibly skimp out on the rest, or go for a cheaper option. They decide to go for the custom-made vanity.

There is now less than 6 days to go and things are in full swing, but they are all still behind. Carly is told by the kitchen supplier that the cupboards need to be ordered today. Things are hectic and Leighton isn’t too happy with some of Carly’s suggestions. Leighton decides to go to the supplier to see what they’ve got despite having no time.

When they get there, they only have a few minutes to decide what design they want because they’ll miss the deadline otherwise. Leighton makes a quick decision and Carly hopes it will be alright. Back at the house, walls are coming down.

Michelle is now getting confused as to where her hallway ends and Jemma and Ben’s entry begins. They are shocked to realise they have undershot how much of the hallway they need to do, putting them well behind the eight-ball. Michelle doesn’t think demos will be completed at the end of the day.

By the end of the day, people are concerned about the eco-friendly brief as there’s little recycling going on. Steve decides to keep some of the door jams with the family’s heights.

Soon, council curfew is enacted and most people think they could have achieved more. It just means more work tomorrow. Carly & Leighton are still choosing kitchen tiles and finally, Carly makes a decision on a white glass tile without Leighton’s approval. Leighton comes in and tries to change her decision.

With time up, Carly’s choice wins out.


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