The Block: Sky High Season Six – Steam Room Scandal

The Block: Sky High Season Six – Steam Room Scandal

It’s a scandalous week on the block with one secret steam room and…another secret steam room. This won’t end well, especially with Trixie involved…

Yesterday, Alisa and Lysandra decide to change one of their ensuites into a steam room. It’s a secret weapon…or so they think. Trixie and Johnno’s electrician overhears the plans and tells Trixie and Johnno to do the same thing…without telling them that the twins are doing the same thing!

Meanwhile, Matt & Kim are dealing with a leak of their own- a water leak! They go check to see if the problem is on Bec and George’s level. Bec is annoyed because they can’t do anything about it and it’s a bit inconvenient.

Keith gets involved and decides it won’t be a 2-second fix. It’s going to be a big job to fix. Jarrod and Madi seem to be the only couple not suffering any sort of leak. Madi is out buying taps while Jarrod works back at The Block.

Meanwhile, it seems now Jarrod is suffering leaks when he drills through the roof and into the floor space below. It’s only because people were throwing water down on it.

Bec is still getting annoyed because of the leaking problem. People try to convince her that they’ve done all they can on the issue and it’s not their problem, but she is still stressed. Still, every level still needs a pipe flush.

The pipes on Bec’s level are plugged, but that means the problem will probably go down to the next level. Bec thinks everything is going wrong and is so stressed out. She does not like the environment.

Meanwhile, Alicia now suspects Trixie’s electrician has let slip about their steam room idea. They both realise that Trixie and Johnno has copied them. They decide not to blow the whistle just yet, which is quite a good idea as Trixie and Johnno actually don’t know as of yet the idea came from the twins. As far as they’re concerned, it was an interesting idea from a sparkie.

Alicia and Lysandra instead decide to put up a sign banning tradies other than their own.

Keith is inspecting a leak at Matt & Kim’s level and is surprised to see so much clutter on their level. It all needs to go before construction can continue.

Deliveries are now occurring downstairs, giving the external tradie’s lift a good workout.

Now, the steam room rumour is spreading and Kim & Matt are aware TWO teams will be doing it.

Scott calls the contestants in to use the keys some of them got in last week’s challenge.

They all throw their keys into a bowl and pick new keys out at random from the pool. Bec and George pick two keys and open a locker revealing…a modern furniture book collection. They also get $2,000.

Trixie and Johnno receive a watch while Madi and Jarrod get some CDs. Alisa and Lysandra get crap.

With budgeting now occurring, some contestants get some shocks with hidden costs and expensive tradies.

Meanwhile, some good news- Keith tells Matt and Kim that their level will be hooked up with clean, fresh and hot water soon. They also seem to fix the leak.

Alisa and Lysandra are getting stressed under budget blues and looming deadlines. They still find some change to shout pizza. They think that with low pay and stressful conditions, their builders will walk out.

Keith comes and addresses some health conditions George has- he hasn’t been eating and he’s getting too thin. He’s also suffering from general problems. Keith advises more bed rest and taking care of his body.

At the end of the day, Bec, George, Madi and Jarrod go for some R&R.

Back at the Block, Alisa and Lysandra’s tradies are still at work at midnight. Meanwhile, Trixie now finds out that the sign on the twin’s door may (and is) be because of them. Trixie has found out that their steam room idea may have been (and was) stolen from the twins. Due to the ignorance, Trixie is actually insulted that they are being accused of stealing ideas.