The Celebrity Apprentice Season Three – Episode 4

The Celebrity Apprentice Season Three – Episode 4

The contestants have just lost rocker Brian Mannix; but the fun sure hasn’t stopped. And neither has the bitching!! Who will be fired tonight?

The contestants are still in the winner’s room celebrating after Brian’s exit when Mark calls them back into the boardroom. They all immediately fear the worst. In the end, it’s just another challenge. They all have to create a 90 second special commercial for the Yellow Brick Road Retire Right campaign. They will perform their commercial live at the Sydney FC to a stadium of 14,000 people.

There are mixed reactions to this. They will be judged on how they convey the key messages in the most entertaining manner and how creative they are. The key message is every Australian deserves the best when they retire however the average Australian would need $1m when they retire to make it to the end. They don’t, and Australia needs a wakeup call.

Mark decides the PMs for this challenge- Rob Mills and Kym Johnson. Layla is scared she will make them all dance. The winning team will win $40,000 for the PMs charity. With that, they’re off.

With the game tomorrow, they will have to do some of their work tonight. On the car ride home, Roxy and Layla talk about Rob while some of the boys talk about how Kym will get ‘steamrolled’ by the other girls.

The next day, the contestants head to the stadium with Dawn who was absent from the last boardroom due to illness.

At their stadium war rooms, the planning begins. Kym is excited being back with the girls. Adam & Mike from Naked Communications will be helping them all with their ideas. Rob’s initial ideas for quotes bore the helpers while the girls begin discussing what entertainment ideas they can use in their show. Roxy is already annoyed that Kym is concentrating on dance. When they begin talking about other stuff, they are a mess and there’s no direction.

Maybe Dawn’s return will help things. Well, Kym just gets back on the dancing bandwagon with Dawn.

The men are now talking about their flyer. Peter has some ideas, but John shuts him down because they’re all the same ideas. Peter lashes out a bit and John tells him not to be sensitive. Peter, however, is sick of some people’s attitude.

Dermott comes up with a tagline, as does Jeff. Meanwhile, Roxy and Prue are made to work on the flyer design together. Eek! Meanwhile, Peter and John are stuck together for the same job. Eek.

The boy’s idea involves a blinged-up baby on the cover. Appropriate for a retirement flyer? Rob doesn’t think so. Apparently, the plan is to leave Peter off the flyer AGAIN!

It seems Roxy and Prue have a new name- Proxy. I quite like it. Roxy makes it clear they’re all individuals in this game. It’s evident through their design session that tensions are running high but they do eventually reach their idea. When Prue calls to give their ideas to Kym, Dawn is a bit rude to Prue and Prue in turn becomes quite vicious about Dawn.

The girls then practice their dance routines as trained by Kym. Afterwards, they are off to their dress rehearsal. Apparently, Peter is no longer playing a proper role in the commercial, which is even more offensive than the flyer snubs. Mark will NOT be happy. Later, Peter seems to crack as he erratically talks Deborah through an alternate performance.

The dress rehearsal is also their first time to check out the competition. The girls are not impressed with the boys’ word-heavy performance. Will the girls have a better chance? The boys do not like the girls’ acting. They seem a little impressed at Dawn’s dancing.

The executives are not happy at all. They give scathing reviews.

Roxy then comes in and puts a lot of ideas in to spruce the show up. The team seems to agree that she did a wonderful job at revamping their commercial. In the end, they ditch the dancing and the costumes.

To the boys and the biggest change is including Peter Everett (!!!) and cutting the talk.

But who will improve their performance the best?

The teams then go to hand out flyers for their show as the crowds turn up.

It’s then go time. As the match gets underway, so does the pre-show planning. At half time, the fans aren’t happy due to a nil game. That’s not good when it comes to commercials.

The performances are then given. After all is done, it’s off the boardroom.

Here, the girls are happy with Kym as PM. Roxy says she can’t deliver the message. Prue says she was drowning to begin with. To the boys and Peter talks about sticking up for himself. The executives don’t let his initial snub slide.

Dermott accuses him of having a meltdown referring to his interjections in discussions. Prue says the boys are bullying Peter and yells at him to stick up for himself.

Back to the girls and Kym says Stephanie and Prue were the best in the challenge. But then she goes on about how everyone was great. She identifies Roxy as their weakest player as she started talking early in the presentation, cutting off Stephanie and Layla. She says she thought she was opening the thing, but Stephanie is clearly pissed off. Roxy thinks people should have interjected if she was in the wrong.

Back to Rob and he explains his use of the sportsmen in his team at the frontline. He is reminded why Mark fired Prinnie- because she didn’t use her skills. Rob didn’t use his skills either.

To the winner, and that goes to…the boys!

When the boys leave, Mark gets down to business. Layla says Kym was the weakest player. She says she wasn’t project manager and hence she didn’t do much. Prue also blames the project manager, Kym. Kym looks beat up.

Roxy also blames Kym. She also blames poor rehearsal on their position in the boardroom. Stephanie actually thinks Layla is the weakest link as she doesn’t bring much to the table.

In the end, Kym decides to bring back Roxy and Layla.

When they go back into the boardroom, neither Kym nor Layla think they can win. Layla breaks down over Stephanie’s comments of Layla. Roxy does think she can win it.

There’s a bit of a scandal where Roxy thinks people see an alliance between her and Layla which puts a target on Layla’s back. Kym denies this.

In the end, the celebrity who is fired is… Kym!


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