House Rules Season One – The South Australian Renovation Continues

House Rules Season One – The South Australian Renovation Continues

Please note the following episode airs at 7:00 PM tomorrow for viewers in NSW and QLD.

Carly & Leighton’s house is now a shell of its former self. Can the contestants fill it with success?

It seems Michelle & Steve have found a sandstone supplier in the Adelaide Hills. As they head off, the other contestants find a party invite…to Michelle & Steve’s tent party! At the quarry, they find that the stone is not the same as the stone on the façade of the house. However, the man scratches the surface off to reveal the correct stone.

Later on, the contestants decide to have a meeting as Carly & Leighton wanted a house with good flow, meaning they have to work together. This could end badly. Luckily Jane is left in charge, and she does a good job.

Yesterday, Plinio did not realise a section of wall separating his zone from other parts of the house was going to be demolished. The demolition meant his cabinetry measurements and orders were now way out. Jane & Plinio work together to get things sorted. They get it done without drama.

When Steve & Michelle come back, Steve finds out Ben has changed his plans for his zone, which means Steve’s zone’s measurements are all off which puts his plan for a hallway water feature at risk. He later works around it by reducing the size of the feature.

Meanwhile, Amy & Sean have had to change the position of their door, meaning the entering person will not be central in the room.

Also, Ben & Jemma have run out of time to order an affordable stone top for their kitchen. Carly & Leighton had their heart set on stone. This doesn’t leave them with many options, except for cheap melamine. The supplier agrees to their cheap stone demand as long as Ben helps install the kitchen! They later find that the kitchen is still over budget, so they decide to cancel…but they can’t! This means the money will have to come from elsewhere.

Carolyn comes in to inspect the design layout. She doesn’t understand if Sean & Amy will be able to fit all the things they want to in their zone. She finds a major flaw in the positioning of their toilet. But there’s not much they can do. Amy breaks down. On the other side of the house, Nick is getting frustrated from running behind time and people using their stuff, slowing them down more.

The end of another day comes. Michelle & Steve make plans for their party tomorrow night. The next day, it’s back to hard work. Nick will be finishing his feature wall today…hopefully. He’s put under the pump when the gas man comes to hook up the gas to the now-non-existent fireplace.

Michelle goes shopping with the help of a ‘mood board’. Yep, you’ll have to watch the show to get exactly what that is. It works in cutting down her shopping time. Meanwhile, Chris is going shopping for a couch despite the fact his last couch choice wasn’t praised highly.

Later, Nick’s fireplace is delivered and there is a crack in the front of it. Hopefully they can replace the glass soon. They can, but Nick tells Chris different to stitch him up. When Chris comes back, he realises the joke.

As the day comes to an end, there’s still a lot to do in the final two days. The contestants relax with Michelle & Steve’s party.

The next day is massive. Amy & Sean begin tiling, as do Nick & Chris. In fact, Nick & Chris have secured the only tiler on site! I wouldn’t want to be Amy & Sean right now.


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