The Block: Sky High Season Six – Level 3 Return

The Block: Sky High Season Six –  Level 3 Return

Let’s catch up with the contestants on the Block.

It’s the morning after the cocktail night and the twins have a hangover, but things between them and Trixie and Johnno seem to be sorted now.

Then we are reminded of the challenge for this week using the bedheads they created in week one and they can only make MINOR changes.

The twins are just going to reupholster theirs. While Jarrod and Maddi went out and created a whole new design they are not happy. Matt and Kim are doing a whole new design using hexagon tiles instead of the square ones they used originally. Up at the penthouse they have halved their insulation so that will need to be fixed.

With the bathrooms being completed this week the fit out needs to be completed for the laundry and lounge area. However teams have been using these areas to dump their rubbish and Keith is on the warpath with Madi as hers is the worst. She is determined to clean it all with or without Jarrod’s help.

With the pressure of being bathroom queens the twins are looking at ways to give their ensuite the wow factor. They are going to change their tile colour after they have already tiled most of the wall. Madi is clearing up her rubbish when she accidently tips her wheelbarrow because she didn’t want help from Keith’s workers. She accidentally spills the ceiling paint. She thinks Keith is going to yell but he is quite proud; she is just having a go and the room is much cleaner.

All contestants have a night of painting ahead, except for Trixie and Johnno who don’t have any walls yet. So there is lots of work to do.

The following morning, Bec and George have returned and while they’ve been away Tom has kept things moving. Jarrod has been missing George so they go out for their morning coffee while Bec does the shopping. But it’s going to take longer than usual because George wants an opinion. Bec is a little annoyed. She seems to hold it together until she is alone in the car.

To end a very hot day the contestants have organised a blow up pool to relax in. They have a little trouble blowing it up, but after some help from scotty it’s done quickly and fun is had by all. Scotty also takes the time to welcome back Bec and George who take the opportunity to thank everyone. The episode ends with some very wacky dancing from Matt and one of the twins.



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