Better Homes and Gardens June 7

Better Homes and Gardens has the perfect ideas to survive winter.

Warm up with a bowl of Karen’s tasty chicken soup, try Fast Ed’s ultimate comfort food – a succulent roast pork shoulder, plus the quickest winter apple tart you’ll ever make.

Graham explores the stunning Garden of St Erth in Victoria; don’t let the cold weather stop your garden plans – set up a greenhouse; Rob rescues a Mum who needs a new door; treasure hunter Greenie heads to the biggest car boot sale in the world to show you how to find a treasure; Dr Harry meets the world’s fastest bird that has been slowed down by a sore foot; meet the kids who are into miniature harness racing; make a toy doctor’s kit for the kids out of things you’ll find around the house; Jason finds a family with muddy feet and sets them on the right path; get your kitchen sorted with clever storage ideas; create a growing gift for $10 that’s tasty and attractive; and how to cook perfect melting moments every time.

7:00 PM FRIDAY on Seven



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