The Living Room June 7

Here’s a rundown on what is on The Living Room tomorrow night.


Last week, Chris reviewed the curious and quirky in Tokyo by day. This time, he’s in for an assault of the senses, as he takes on this amazing city by night. From the red light district Shinjuku, with its maze of pocket-sized bars and eateries, crammed into a maze of six narrow streets, to the infamous ‘Piss Alley’, a popular place to eat on the cheap, Chris is in for the ride of his life. But, by far the most out-of-this-world experience Chris finds is at the Robot Café, where 10-foot Fembots entertain and there’s more LED lighting than Christmas in Times Square.



Urban Bee Keeper Doug Purdie is the ‘Beevangelist’ of Sydney, supporting inner city pollination with beehives placed on rooftops, in backyards and community gardens across the city. Keen to find out what ‘Sydney tastes like’, our chef Miguel heads to the highest beehive of them all, perched on the rooftop of the stunning Swissotel. They say the city is for suits, but is Sydney ready for Miguel’s bee keeping get up? Miguel whips up his recipe for Baklava using the sweet stuff from Sydney.



Moneyman Jason Cunningham tackles the mountain of debt Dental Assistant Georgie has racked up. On the surface, she’s not doing badly, she’s paid off her car and with the help of the bank, she’s even managed to buy a house. But her shopaholic tendencies have seen her accumulate almost $15K in personal debt, at interest rates up to 30%. She can only afford the minimum repayments and at this rate will be paying off her high-heeled shoes when she’s in her fifties. But a new approach and advice from Jason will make a massive difference.



The Edwards family living room has lost its luster. With stacks of timber panelling and a heavy old fireplace in the middle of the room, it’s a difficult space to negotiate. But it’s the perfect challenge

for Baz who’s ready to take on his design nemesis, James Treble once again. With the Dad of the house, Damien, away, Mum Jo, briefs the designers on her dream room with a ‘Zen’ theme. It’s Balinese Buddhas at ten paces, as Baz and James scramble to come up with an ‘Ethnic-Chic’ room that wows. The question is, when Damien returns home, will he like what he sees?

7:30 pm Friday on Ten