House Rules Season One – The Battle of the Bathrooms

House Rules Season One – The Battle of the Bathrooms

Contestants have been renovating Carly & Leighton’s SA home for the past week but tonight, a fight will ensue between the brothers and Sean for the tiler for their bathrooms. Who will win?

Steve finds out his entrance hall wall is not in line with the kitchen wall, throwing the ‘flow’ of the house out of whack. Nick beats him up about it but Steve is his own worst critic, so he doesn’t need reminding that he stuffed up. Steve decides to knock it down and start again. It sets Steve back a day.

Sean is annoyed because Nick & Chris are hogging the tiler. Sean doesn’t have much else to do but measure. Nick pays him out for it. The exchanges don’t remain civil with Sean finally getting the tiler before Nick steals him back five minutes later.

Meanwhile, money is getting tight with Jemma & Ben, meaning Ben has to pitch in with the trade work. Jane is also having troubles finding an overflow for her laundry! Later, the tiling for Nick & Chris’ fireplace gets underway.

There’s now less than 2 days to go. Steve is now behind on his master bedroom after working on the wall all day yesterday. This means their plaster hasn’t had time to set because they didn’t have time to do it early and hence their wardrobe guy is held up while it dries. After he comes back, it still isn’t done- so Steve pays the guy another $200. Amy & Sean are in a similar position with their plaster. They decide to use hair dryers.

On a lighter note, Nick found a photo of Plinio in the 80’s. He had it printed on a shirt subtitled ‘In Like Plin’. Michelle doesn’t believe it’s Plinio. But attitudes towards Plinio quickly change when it’s found out that Plinio has ordered incorrect sized over lights for the entire night. This isn’t good because they’ll have to be replaced the next day and contestants may have to work over the night.

Meanwhile, Ben is nervous his cabinetry won’t fit in. Luckily, it does. We hear what Carly wants and to tell you the truth, she seems to want more than the contestants can afford- rich, stone bench tops, a walk in robe as big as a room (their house is the smallest in the competition) and no cheap appliances. No wonder the contestants are struggling with space and budget this week. Speaking of, Jemma & Ben’s budget has hit zero. It’s not helped by the fact Ben used their money to buy people’s coffee. The teams are surprised they’ve ran out of money so quickly. They use the $43 they get from other teams to buy some ‘final’ touches.

Later, Michelle & Steve’s water feature arrives and the contestants get their overhead lights changed. At night, the Harlem shake hits the house.

With 9 hours to go, the contestants wake up to judgement day (the bulk of which will be shown on Monday). Michelle realises that there’s so much to do with walls void of paint. The sheer amount of work makes Steve emotional, especially when he thinks of home. Sean finally gets somewhere with his tiles when he steals the tilers from Nick & Chris. Of course when Nick & Chris find out they’re not happy- because it’s OK for them to hog them, but not Sean.

Meanwhile, Amy & Sean have a repeat problem with their painting from last week with paint peeling off their walls!