Sunday Night June 9

Here’s a look at what’s in store on Sunday Night this week.

In the wake of the brutal killing of a British soldier on the streets of London, Sunday Night comes face to face with the Muslim hate preacher with direct links to the two radical terrorists shot by police. What Anjem Choudary has to say about the rise of Islam in Australia and the western world will come as a wake-up call for many. Sharia law is coming to Australia says Choudary who believes he and his followers are in a war that will not be over until the Islamic flag is flying over Parliament House in Canberra. He is combative, argumentative, chilling and very sure of the path Australia will take. Islamic vigilantes currently patrol London streets imposing a no alcohol ban and ordering women to cover-up, and Choudray wants the same here. Reporter PJ Madam also meets the courageous “angel” who stood up to the terrorists and bravely fought to save the life of dying soldier Lee Rigby, and the English Defence League leader ready and willing to fight the rise of Islam.

When the law comes up short, the only thing left is revenge. This is a remarkable story of how one moment of madness, one simple wrong choice, affects the lives of so many people. More than a message about drink driving, this story could also be the catalyst for a law change to protect all of us from a loophole that keeps killers behind the wheel of a lethal weapon. Melissa was a fun loving mum of five who decided to drive home from drinks at the pub with her
girlfriends. She was so drunk – four times over the limit at the time – she ploughed head first into a car being driven by another mum who died at the scene. In this highly emotional story, Sunday Night speaks to the family of both women, including both sets of children. It’s heartbreaking and confronting. We also meet the police officers and fire fighters who were first on the scene that night, and when you hear what they have to say, it will leave you stunned.

He’s the master of secrets, symbols, codes and mysterious messages from our past. Dan Brown is currently the world’s most popular and best-selling author. He has created a world of Vatican cover-ups, hidden secrets in ancient art, and mysterious medieval factions. His books are loathed by the critics but adored by the public who buy them in their millions, actually 200 million of them. The Da Vinci Code set best-seller records, and the contents of his new book Inferno are surrounded by more security than any other Dan Brown novel. Is there a hidden message in Brown’s latest work that will have readers searching for answers? Ross Coulthart travels to New York, and one of the most mysterious locations in the new world to interview Brown, and what he discovers will make you question everything you believed about the origins of humanity.

Sunday, June 9 on Channel Seven at 6:30pm.

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