The Block: Sky High Season Six – Baby Brain Challenge

The Block: Sky High Season Six – Baby Brain Challenge

It’s been a long four weeks on the block and I’m sure budgets are low so let’s see what’s in store for them this week to get some extra cash……… It’s challenge day.

After being woken up early by Scotty and Shelley the contestants arrive at the park today to discover that they will be working with clients today. Those clients are 5 expecting mothers who want a dream nursery. They will be renovating rooms at a centre whose nurseries are in need of some love. Teams will have $2000 and just 6 hours to do it. They will be judged by Shaynna on design execution and how well they have stuck to the client’s brief.  The winners will receive $5000 and the mother to be will get the room designed in their own house. After introductions have been made and Bec and Madi racing for first choice of the room. It’s time for the challenge to begin.

Trixie and Jhonno client Katherine is due tomorrow wants white walls while the twins’ client Linda also wants white. Matt and Kim client Carmon wants an enchanted forest theme Madi and Jarrod client Sam wants white furniture with grey walls her style is very different to theirs but they are happy to go with it. She doesn’t know what she wants so it’s time to go shopping. Bec and George have penny and bec’s prepared full of her ideas out of her design book and it looks like they are going for something modern.

All teams are now shopping and Madi and Jarrod client Sam wants some expensive things her brief wasn’t the best turns out she just wants something classic but not over the top. She is finding it hard because the space is smaller so she’s compensating for that. Matt and Kim are looking for the perfect feeding chair and they find a red one. Bec and gorge are going with a small cradle instead of a bulky cot for their race car themed room which will have simple colour. Linda only must is that the bed can grow with the child so the twins have found the perfect and it’s within budget.

Trixie and Jhonno were going to paint clouds on the celling but eventually decide against it. With three hours left Bec and George has arrived back thinking they are first. But mat snuck back to start the material while the girls complete the shopping in a frantic rush.

With two and half hours the twins and Madi and Jarred arrive back. Trixie is still shopping with 2 hours left. Bec and gorge are going well until they encounter a flat pack. The twins are putting together a blackboard to cover the adjoining window for more privacy. With one hour to go Trixie and Jhonno still haven’t returned. They do eventually return. Everyone’s working flat out while Bec finds it slightly strange that on their first workday back after her mum’s passing that they are helping with doing a nursery. Matt is working on his giant tree. With half an hour to go teams are discovering that there cots won’t fit through the doors so they have to pull them apart. Trixie and Jhonno still have to paint and they forgot the change table so it’s on to get one. They manage to get one and everyone completes their rooms within the time limit.

Now it’s time for the judging first up the twins their client is very happy saying they met the brief while Shaynna says you can tell that two mums did it. Madi and Jarrod are next their client calls it great while Shaynna thinks it’s gorgeous.

The race car bed is next the client thinks its amazing Shaynna calls it cute and she like the shade of blue saying it’s not over powering.

Trixie and Jhonno are next the client loves it and they followed the brief. Shaynna loves the different sections and calls it beautiful.

Up last is matt and kids enchanted forest the client says it was exactly how she envisioned her nursery while Shaynna says it has an enchanting feel to it.

With all that taken into consideration the winner are Matt and Kim win the $5000 and Carmon gets the nursery in her own house. While the remaining expecting mothers get $500. On the way back to the block the other couples are unimpressed with matt and Kim’s tree.

The following day attention turns to the bed head and matt and Kim is going to create another one that is higher. With it being a public holiday today power tools are not allowed to be used so Keith is on site and has a talking to tradesman on levels 3 and 5. While matt is putting the finishing touches on his hexagon headboard. Madi goes through the rubbish to find the original board and she has.

After getting some advice from the other couples on levels 3 and 5 it’s decided that they will get Keith involved. Meanwhile matt is working on the headboard when the twins come to visit discussion turns to the use of power tools and they don’t care too much about cause everyone’s doing it.

Keith is with Madi and Jhonno at the bin and after inspecting the new headboard he can see that they are quite different and he considers it cheating so both Scott and shelly need to be called in. they discuss the fact that it’s new design and materials so they have changed it a lot. They are allowed to use the new one in their room as long they use the challenge bedhead somewhere on the block. Scotty calls a body corporate meeting so everyone is on the same page

Everyone understood that the original bed head needed to be used somewhere on the block with slight changes. So matt and Kim aren’t impressed that they have to go through the bin to find there headboard. It’s now game on and Matt will be reporting all future rule breaks.