House Rules Season One – Amy & Sean House Reveal

House Rules Season One – Amy & Sean House Reveal

The Queenslander is almost finished and soon the scores will be in. Who will reach the top and who will be spending the next week in a tent?

The final day of the makeover is a busy one. Ben & Jemma arrive in the morning to hear that their room was flooded overnight. Ben is devastated. Meanwhile, Carly & Leighton haven’t had enough access to the tiler and now they decide they can’t finish the room. Meanwhile, Ben’s tiles can be saved from the damage last night.

Amy & Sean are now preparing to return. Michelle & Steve’s metal brick splashback divides opinion. Jane’s feature wall has the same effect.

As the clock ticks down, teams realise how much work they have to go. Multiple teams believe they won’t finish. At least Jemma is able to frame the negative polaroids of the home. Jo finally arrives to see the bad news state of the house.

Doors are being hung, decking is going down, floors are being scrubbed and furniture is being placed, but no one seems to be getting anywhere. Ten minutes are left.

In the end, time is up and two teams don’t finish. They are…Nick & Chris and Carly & Leighton.

Wendy & Joe now come in to inspect. First up are Michelle & Steve. Joe & Wendy are wowed. Wendy loves the brick tin splashback, which is different to many of the other contestants’ opinion. They just love ALL of their features. They love the deck and the outlook. It gets the judges excited. Nothing bad to be said.

Jane & Plinio are next. Joe likes the furniture and the versatility of it. The green feature wall is too vivid and that the TV is too high. It’s a ‘close but not there room’. To the exercise room and they call it a practical and open space. The laundry is daggy.

Jemma & Ben are third to be judged. Joe calls it fantastic and they both like the light, bright feeling. Joe calls it sophisticated. Wendy likes the features. Wendy likes the sinks in the ensuite and calls it simple.

Fourth are Carly & Leighton. Wendy & Joe see it’s obviously not finished. Styling wise, they love the room. They think they were on the right track. Joe calls their study ‘proper’. The study is a hit.

To Nick & Chris. Wendy doesn’t really like the door. Joe thinks it misses the point. They can see that the porch stairs are not complete. Wendy loves the room but Joe is not happy with the styling. Wendy likes the blue.

The contestants then gather for the scores. Here are the scores from both judges, then added.

MICHELLE & STEVE: 10 (Wendy) + 10 (Joe) = 20

JEMMA & BEN: 9 (Wendy) + 9 (Joe) = 18

CARLY & LEIGHTON: 8 (Wendy) + 8 (Joe) = 16

JANE & PLINIO: 6 (Wendy) + 6 (Joe) = 12

NICK & CHRIS: 5 (Wendy) + 4 (Joe) = 9

It’s now time for Amy & Sean to inspect the house. They just can’t stop ‘OMGing’ and wowing. Every room seems to blow them away. Amy realises the toilet in their ensuite is broken and the floor is a bit wonky (from the flood). They actually love Nick & Chris’ door. They notice all the lack of finish in their zone and Carly & Leighton’s zone. They love Nick & Chris’ guest bedroom. They pretty much love the rest of their house. They even love Jane’s feature wall. They would have liked a centralised TV.

Here’s how they scored. Below are the former scores, Amy & Sean’s score and the total score.

MICHELLE & STEVE: 20 + 8 = 28

JEMMA & BEN: 18 + 6= 24

CARLY & LEIGHTON: 16 + 5= 21

JANE & PLINIO: 12 + 7= 19

NICK & CHRIS: 9 + 6= 15

This means Michelle & Steve have won…off the back of their house reno next week. Nick & Chris will spend a week in the tent!


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