The voice finally wraps up tonight. Can Seal make it 2 years in a row or will another judge be able to steal his thunder?

We start with a recap of the finalist’s journey so far

Darren welcomes us to the final and to kick off proceedings we get the final 4 preforming john Farnham’s the voice ire is a truly magical performance the judges are dancing too. After some time the final 4 are joined on stage by all their departed team.

Tonight each finalist will perform with their coach first up is Danny Ross and Joel preforming Pompeii – Bastille the back of the stage is on fire and it is another one of those mesmerising performances

Rickey and Luke are next and they will perform El Tango De Roxanne – Moulin Rouge. The stage is set up with dances behind them as they singing it was a good duet the judges are impressed.

Team Delta’s mentoring judge Ryan Tredder and his band give an exclusive performance of counting stars he is excited for Celia

Delta and Celia are the next judge duet is next it’s clear they have a Sisterly bond. Delta is playing the piano while Celia is playing the guitar. They are covering Fleetwood mac’s go you own it was so good I wasn’t taking many notes.

Robin Thikle preformed Blurred Lines it was ok performance.

The final coach duet is between Harrison and seal and they give an absolute killer performance of he’s my brother. Again was so good that I was left without notes.

Delta Goodrem gives an amazing performance of her new single Hypnotic heart it was incredible. ‘

The time has arrived to find out that wins back on stage are Luke Kennedy Celia Pavey Danny Ross and Harrison Craig in 4th place is Danny Ross we get a recap of his journey. He is grateful for jowls guidance. Joel says his proud and the journy is so special and he loves working with him. Danny thanks everyone.

In 3rd place is Celia Pavey delta says you really blossomed in our eyes…I know you will be making albums for years and years to come. Congratulations on a stellar season.” Celia this experience has been unforgettable and magical…I can’t thank you all enough for the support.

We then get a look at Ricky Martin’s  new song come with me tonight. It’s a very dance track I didn’t enjoy it though.

It’s finally time to find who will win this thing but before we do we get a lengthy recap of Harision’s journey seal says it was a great reminder of why they do this. You’re a credit to your family and this show. He is grateful for Harision’s trust and thanks him for the journey. Harrison thanks his family and seal. And is quite tearful

We get a recap of Luke’s journey RICKY: “Nothing but love and light. You represent this country beautifully…you are focussed; you are ready for whatever you want. Thank you for allowing me to coach you…for even teaching me. It’s time to fly, and fly really high…you can both do whatever you want.

Luke thanks family and Ricky for all their support. The winner is Harrison Craig.  Harrison sings his new single unconditional it’s a great song and you can down load it on ITunes now and his album will be out June 25th

So as another reality show draws to a close for 2013. I’m very happy to report the voice will be back in 2014.