MasterChef Australia Season Five – The First Immunity Challenge

Tonight, the first five contestants head for the immunity challenge. Lynton, Emma, Neha, Rishi and Kelty will today do battle for the first immunity pin of the season. Who will win it?

At the house, the boys are still being treated as slaves after losing the battle of the sexes last week. The day of the immunity challenge arrives and battle faces are readied.

Today, the contestants are playing ‘Blindman’s Pantry’. Some of the contestants react as if it’s a tried and tested torturous MasterChef staple- however I’m sure this is the first time they’ve done this. Basically, they have to collect their shopping from the pantry in the dark. They then have 60 minutes to create a dish of their choice- but only 5 minutes in the pantry.

It’s quite funny watching them scurry in the pantry. Butts were grabbed that day! In the end, the contestants simply come out with a mix of ingredients fit for a mystery box! Neha unfortunately picked up no spices, worrying her.

The cooking time commences. Emma is thinking of doing a bit of a seafood basket. Rishi is doing an Asian stir fry or soup. Matt yawns at his ideas. He rethinks his strategy. He decides to make a stuffed vegetable dish with veggies stuffed with mince.

Lynton is doing tropical chilli crab. He’s never cooked or eaten crab. Neha is thinking about doing a dessert…but she has no ingredients for it. She decides on a grilled platter with skewers, peppers and chips. Her hopes are going down the drain.

Kelty is STILL struggling. He’s too confused with such a selection. The judges come to give him some inspiration. 45 minutes remain! He feels he’s being eaten by quicksand. He just begins preparing some vegetables. Later, he finally decides on a dish, but Matt doesn’t think it’s clear.

Emma is excited to be cooking with crab, but she overcooks it. She decides to ditch it and hopes she can cook Balmain Bug better. Hopefully Lynton will have a better time with his crab. Meanwhile, Kelty is cooking sardines but he hasn’t gutted them.

Lynton’s crab looks good, but because he’s never tasted it, he doesn’t know what it should look like.

Soon, time is up and the proof shall be in the pudding.

First up is Emma and her Cos Lettuce Cup with Balmain bugs and scallops. Gary loves the flavour while Matt is a fan of the dressing. George likes the cooking of the dish. Gary says it is the dish to beat.

Next up is Rishi. He cooked, in the end, Asian Style Stuffed Vegetables. George is curious about it. Matt says his mother and grandmother could have cooked better, definitely.

Neha is third with her grilled chicken skewers with stuffed peppers. She ran out of time to put more on her platter. She knows she’s out of a chance.

Kelty is the penultimate person and he’s cooked Tomato Pilaf. They don’t like the presentation and George doesn’t like the taste. There are a heap of issues.

Last up is Lynton with his Tropical Chilli Crab. He did well.

It’s now time for the decision. In the end, the pin goes to…Emma!

So, with Emma now secure with a pin, how will the game change?


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