Gogglebox’s Adam Densten and Matty Fahd release a brand new dad podcast

Gogglebox’s Adam Densten and Matty Fahd release a brand new dad podcast

Beloved Gogglebox Australia cast members (and dads) Adam Densten and Matty Fahd, are launching a brand new podcast series The Dads and The Docs next week.

Specifically designed to equip new fathers with invaluable knowledge and support during the whirlwind first three months of parenthood, the podcast series is filled with personal experiences, professional advice, tips and tricks and information that Adam and Matty wished they had possessed when they first became dads.

Adam Densten said: “We remember feeling really useless when we first became dads so we created this show in the hope that other new dads can be better prepared than we were.”

Matty Fahd adds: ‘‘It’s such a wild time that is still a massive blur, so this podcast arms dads with simple advice they have never heard, like making sure to pull out the wings of the nappy to stop poo-namis!”

The 12 episode series speaks to six distinct stages in the journey for new parents: pregnancy, labour, hospital stay, the first week at home, the first month at home, and the first three months at home. 

Each phase is supported by two episodes; the first interviews an expert in the field, who provides evidence-based advice tailored to the specific phase. The second episode is an insightful reflection with Adam and Matty, offering practical, non-medical guidance based on their own experiences.

The Dads and The Docs podcast also provides raw insight into Adam and Matty’s experience of new fatherhood, from Adam not immediately feeling a connection to his new daughter, to Matty discussing a tragic miscarriage. Listeners can expect candid conversations, humor, and heartfelt moments as Adam and Matty draw from their own fatherhood journeys, creating an engaging, supportive and relatable atmosphere for new dads.

The Dads and The Docs podcast launches October 23, 2023, with new episodes added weekly


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