George Goes Down In George Town.

George Goes Down In George Town.

Our seven remaining celebrity teams arrived in George Town, the vibrant capital of Penang, for the sixth leg of The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition. Sadly, George Town became George’s last Pit Stop. Here’s how the King and his sister Pam were dethroned…

Traveling by Trishaw, teams chose between replicating a delicate dessert at a Michelin-recommended restaurant or braving the local delicacy, bull’s penis soup.

Penis soup is a known aphrodisiac (um, we’d like to see the research on that) but the only thing our teams were feeling frisky for, was the vomit bucket. In the wise words of Darren McMullen, “they have some great wang in Penang”, but keeping it down was hard work. The vomiting erupted like dominoes, once one celeb started, the rest followed, vomiting on each other’s heads as they aimed for the bucket.

Teams then made their way to Mr. Wong’s shoe store where the legendary shoemaker Jimmy Choo began his craft to build a basic pair of shoes. Bec Judd is no stranger to a Jimmy Choo and was successful in her first attempt, meanwhile, sole mates Harry and Teddy got it wrong with Mr. Wong and had to try again.

While Pam was busy shoe making, George took the opportunity to strategise with Darren, who stomped all over that plan, reminding George that this was not Survivor. As the final two teams still at the challenge, George and Pam, and Harry and Teddy didn’t have time for any shoey’s, hustling hard not to finish last.

Next up, teams had to use sharp eyes and keen observation to search for a unique lantern amidst a sea of thousands of lanterns.

The adrenaline surged as teams raced up Penang Hill towards the Pit Stop. In a dramatic finish, Jana and Cor made it up the hill first, while George and Pam were last to hit the mat and were sadly eliminated.


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