George Claws His Way Back.

George Claws His Way Back.

After a virtual pit-stop in the tropical islands of Langkawi, our celebs raced on for the fifth leg of The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition. To say the celebrities were crabby, is an understatement. It is also a pun, because their first stop was at a crab farm.

The celebs have spent their adult life trying to avoid them, but today they are catching them. Using a net, they had to catch five fully grown crabs to receive their next clue.

Surprisingly, sisters Bec and Kate, knew a thing or two about a crab’s preference to chill by the banks, but getting them into the bucket was a whole other problem. Darren and Tristan managed to catch five crabs in one go, catapulting them to the front, followed closely by Jana and Cor.

George reminded anyone who would listen that he was no stranger to throwing challenges thanks to his time on Survivor (something he likes to remind us of). But unfortunately, George had a hard time blindsiding the crabs into his net, leaving the challenge in last place.

Meanwhile, the crabs weren’t the only ones headed to the pressure cooker, Ben and Jackie’s relationship was in there too, as the pressure of the Race became too much for the happy couple.

Next stop, the teams had to hustle to sell the crabs they caught. George had the great idea of weaponising his sisters’ good looks to charm potential customers, and it worked when two holidaying Aussie’s took pity on them.

It was a hot, stressful and exhausting day by the time our teams found out they would be camping on a beach for the night. These celebs are accustomed to five-star accommodation and pillow menus, but at this sandy abode, they were lucky to even get a pillow, let alone a mattress. Kate reminded Bec to smile as she was coming across as a princess, while George reminded everyone that this was luxury compared to what he endured on Survivor.

The next morning, after a 12-hour flight delay, our celebs arrived in Penang where they were faced with a detour. Those who chose Piles of Tiles had to use logic to solve a mahjong-themed puzzle, while Float Your Boat involved the spiritual Malay tradition of paper-boat making.

From there, it was a frenetic foot race to the Pit Stop. Alli and Angie hit the mat in first place, but sadly Ben and Jackie Gillies were last to arrive and were eliminated from the Race.


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