My Mum Your Dad Returns to Nine

In a world wide phenomenon Kate Langbroek returns to guide a new group of single parents on a second chance journey to love when My Mum Your Dad returns later this month.

Prepare yourself for another unforgettable ride of romance as these single parents navigate their way to finding their forever love, however this year the parents know they have been nominated by their kids and have given their children full control over their dating life.

As the parents take up residence in a brand-new luxury Retreat, their adult children settle into the Bunker, where they will have a unique insight and power over their parents’ dating life – and they’re not going to hold back, regardless of how excruciatingly awkward some moments are.

The kids will have the power to influence all the dates from the comfort of the Bunker. Taking their influence to the next level, they will go undercover on dates to see firsthand who is best suited for their parents – and also have the power to send parents home.

Kate said: “I was honoured to host this second season of My Mum Your Dad. It is compelling and uplifting. It is a testament to the power of love. I laughed and I cried. Mostly I was struck by the unselfish gift these children are giving their parents, for love is the greatest gift of all.”

There will be truth bombs, drama and romance from parents and their children on the journey to the ultimate test, the Blessing Ceremony.

For the relationships that make it there, the children’s approval or disapproval is crunch time, and all emotions and thoughts will be revealed at the Blessing Ceremony in the finale.

These brave single parents have put their hearts on the line. Will there be a love story? Will their offspring approve? Or will their second chance at love be left at the Blessing Ceremony?

7:30pm Tuesday October 31 on Nine.


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