Glee The Quaterback Mini Review (Minor Spoilers

Glee The Quaterback Mini Review (Minor Spoilers

The Quarterback is such an emotionally draining episode and right;y so it deals with death of  not only a TV Character but a person

The Quarterback deals with the death of Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith). The Show doesn’t give an exact reason as to how he passed because it doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that Glee paid tribute to a much love character and co worker in the way it knows how through song.

The hour begins with an incredibly moving performance of Seasons of Love from choir members past and present. through out the hour we see how characters are dealing with the loss of a dear firenid . The song choices are utter perfection from The Band Perry’s If I Die Young sung by Naya Rivera character Santana to Lea Michelle’s personal choice of Make You Feel My Love for her character Rachel is the shows most emotional scenes

Nothing in the episode can be faulted The performances of the Cast were so real because it was the cast giving Corey as the charecters were dealing with the loss of Finn.

Glee airs this episode 7:30 Tonight on Eleven

I was  extremely fortunate to be able to receive a copy of the must see episode of Glee before it hit US screens this morning. The following post has been one of the most difficult pieces to write for me in a very long time. RIP Corey


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