Sunday Night October 13

This Week Sunday Night has only one story and it’s traumatic and something no should ever have to go through.

Dana Vulin’s life changed forever when she found herself the target of a jealous wife’s horrifying attack. In the early hours of February 16 last year, Dana was woken by the drug-addled woman who had broken into the house convinced her estranged husband was there. The argument ended when the woman doused Dana with methylated sprits, setting her alight.

Dana suffered third-degree burns to almost two thirds of her body which has left her permanently scarred and forced to wear a full burns bodysuit.
More than 18-months on, Dana continues to undergo painful surgery – but as Sunday Night’s Rahni Sadler discovers, her spirit has not been broken.
Tomorrow, the woman found guilty of deliberately setting fire to her, Natalie Dimitrovska, will appear in a Perth court for sentencing.

Sunday, October 13 on Channel Seven at 7.45pm