60 Minutes October 13

There re 3 very different stories on 60 minutes this week.

venth Heaven
How does Philip Sharp manage it? He’s got seven wives. They’ve borne him 18 children. Life in the Sharp household is busy, to say the least. Philip is polygamous and proud of it. In fact, the British Rabbi even claims that by reviving the long outlawed practice of taking several wives, he’s merely doing God’s work. And he’d take 100 wives if it would help build God’s kingdom. It raises all sorts of uncomfortable questions for the wives, not to mention the chaos of raising all those kids, but what Peter Overton discovered was a harmonious household most families would envy.
Reporter: Peter Overton
Producer: Jo Townsend

Face of Evil
In 2010, Australian girl Zahra Baker was brutally murdered by her American step mother. Zahra, with the bright eyes and big smile, had survived cancer and overcome much more than should be asked of any 10 year old. Then, along with her father Adam, she travelled to America. Adam’s new wife, Elisa Baker, first killed and then dismembered Zahra in the most heinous crime. At her trial, she entered into a plea bargain, meaning she never had to face questions about what she did and why she did it. This Sunday, Liz Hayes goes inside maximum security to confront a child killer and comes face to face with evil.
Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producer: Phil Goyen

Nuclear Paradise
The Montebello Islands off the coast of Western Australia are so far flung, so off the beaten track, that most of us have no idea they’re even part of Australia. Which is exactly why the British chose them as a site to conduct nuclear bomb tests back in the 1950s. The British Navy detonated three massive atomic bombs and, in the process, obliterated a marine paradise. More than 60 years later, you’d expect to find a scorched wasteland. Instead, it’s one of nature’s most breathtaking comebacks.
Reporter: Allison Langdon
Producer: Howard Sacre

8.10pm Sunday October 13 on Nine.