Big Brothers Nominations Round up

After the  shock eviction of arguably Australia’s favorite Housemate Ben, nominations carried out in the Diary Room were very carefully considered by each Housemate.

Armed with the confronting “Infiltrator” Superpower, Mikkayla was allowed to infiltrate the nominations of two of her chosen Housemates, Boog and Tahan, staying in the Diary Room while each of them nominated. She was able to see who they were voting for and why, as well as steal two nomination points from each – leaving them with only three points each to nominate one Housemate.


With no screens, no blindfolds and nowhere to hide, Boog and Tahan were forced to reveal who they were nominating, and Mikkayla also had to reveal who she was nominating with their stolen two points. True to form, Tahan was not fazed about nominating in front of Mikkayla, and without an ounce of awkwardness nominated Mikkayla for three points.


For Tahan, the nomination bench is no stranger, and she will have to fight it out for the public vote for the eighth time. She has a lot of supporters behind her as shown by the eviction voting in last night’s show, however, the Australian public did poll for Boog to become a fully fledged Housemate after her week as an intruder, and Mikkayla still has the luck of a cat with nine lives … so who will Australia decide to keep in the House?

Here’s how to vote to save your favourite Housemate:


SMS – to save BOOG, MIKKAYLA OR TAHAN text their name to 199 55 999.

Phone – phone the below number of the Housemate you want to save:

BOOG – 1902 55 95 17

MIKKAYLA – 1902 55 95 09

TAHAN – 1902 55 95 13

Voting lines are now open with Facebook voting closing 7.00pm AEDT and SMS/Phone voting closing at 7.23pm AEDT, Wednesday 16th October 2013.

The Housemates with the least number of saving votes will become the first to be evicted from BIG BROTHER during the live eviction show 7.00pm next Wednesday.

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