Glee Returns

Glee Returns

The Musical comedy returns to ten tomorrow night with a double episode .

The Show resumes with Season 4 Episode 7 ” DYNAMIC DUETS”

Blaine assembles a meeting for The Secret Society of Superheroes Club, set up to “fight injustice, to
right all that of which is wrong and to preserve truth, justice and peace in the halls of McKinley High.”
The roll call includes Blaine as Nightbird, Tina as Asian Persuasion, Sam as Blonde Chameleon, Joe
as Tarantula Head and Sugar as Sweet ‘n Spicy. The new members are: Artie as Dr. Y, Becky as Queen
Bee and Brittany as The Human Brain.

Thanksgiving will follow at 8:30

Home for the holidays. Just like we promised.” Yes, folks, the Glee characters you feared were long

gone – Quinn, Santana, Mercedes, Puck and Mike – are back for this Thanksgiving special, immediately
making an impact with a soulful Simon and Garfunkel/Phillip Phillips mashup in McKinley’s empty

Glee Airs 7:30 Wednesday on Ten .

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