Interactive Hawaii five 0 epiesode

Interactive Hawaii five 0 epiesode

I love these types of episodes, Next weeks episode of Hawaii Five 0 allows you to choose the killer. Using Online Voting and Zeebox it will be interesting to see.  

For the first time in Australian prime time television history, TEN’s Hawaii Five-0 will allow Australian
viewers (State by State, timezone by timezone) the chance to choose the ending of an episode in real time.
Fans will be able to vote on before the episodes goes to air, and on that site and on
zeebox during the first 30 minutes of the Australian broadcast (State by State) on Monday February 4.

The mystery begins on Hawaii Five-0 when the team must investigate the death of an O’ahu State University professor. His boss, his teaching assistant and a student, whom he busted for cheating, are all viable suspects.

To vote, visit on Monday January 28th from 10.30pm (AEST). The voting page will
also include details on the suspects to help viewers decide which one is guilty. Viewers from all Australian
states can then vote for the ending that they would like to see: A, B or C. Online voting will be open until
the episode commences in each state. All details will be available on the TEN website. Each State will 
have their say and each ending chosen by the most votes collated in that State will be aired. Will NSW chose Suspect A? Will WA chose suspect C? Whatever happens, it will be fun to play.

The three different endings will all be available at after the episode has aired.

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