Rhiannon Fish may depart Home and Away

Rhiannon Fish may depart Home and Away

Well good things may be about to come to an end for Home and Away. Rhiannon Fish has revealed that her contract with the Channel 7 may come to an end.

She said she is torn between pursuing an acting career in the US and re-signing with Home and away 

“I am coming close to the end of my contract with Home and Away so it’s in discussion if I want to stay or go although, I am very, very happy to stay,” Fish says she wants  to stay but I also don’t want to look back and say what could have been.

“I want to see what is out there.”

Fish has the distinction of working on two long-running Australian soapies.

She started her career as Lisa Jeffries on Neighbours in 2003 and departed the Network Ten series in 2006.

Four years later she was cast as April Scott on Home and Away 

Fish hopes having both soapies on her list of credits will stand her in good stead when she finally does make the bold decision to try her luck in Hollywood.

The list of Aussies who have appeared in either Neighbours or Home and Away and made it in Hollywood is endless.she said.



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