Fugitive Fails To Pull A Swifty.

<strong>Fugitive Fails To Pull A Swifty.</strong>

Some of the world’s most wanted criminals couldn’t do it, but can a regular Aussie evade capture for 21 days to win the ultimate game of hide-and-seek?

Tonight, with nothing but an overnight bag and $500, nine teams made a run for it. Unfortunately for Michelle, she couldn’t run fast enough, making her the first Fugitive captured on Hunted, and her partner Angie, still at large.

Assembled in Hunter Headquarters were the Hunters, an elite team of investigators from around the world. Leading them is the Chief, former Detective Superintendent Dr. David Craig, an internationally recognised expert in surveillance and covert operations. Strategically placed around Victoria are a team of Ground Hunters, all with extensive military and police backgrounds.

Queensland sisters-in-law Angie and Michelle, both in their fifties, had given themselves the team name Swifty Fifty, determined to prove that age is just a number. 

Accessing Angie’s devices, the cyber team discovered prior communication with friend Jacque, who was driving them to her home in Geelong. 

HQ accidentally called Jacque from Angie’s phone which spooked the Fugitives and forced them to leave Jacque. But with the local motel fully booked, the pair returned to Jacque’s against Michelle’s better judgement. Meanwhile, Ground Hunters, Team Delta, arrived in Geelong and narrowly missed the pair driving by. 

On the run for a second day, Angie and Michelle planned a diversion by sending Jacque out first in the car, to then meet her on foot one block away. Team Delta pursued Jacque’s vehicle and after Angie and Michelle attempted to get in, a foot chase ensued. 

Angie managed to get away in Jacque’s car but Michelle was chased down, making her the first Fugitive captured.

17 Fugitives remain on the run 


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