Beauty and The Geek kicks off

Beauty and The Geek kicks off

Sophie Monk introduces us to our 10 new Beauties and 10 new Geeks about to take their first steps in an inspiring experience of self-discovery. At their military base camp, Sophie greets the stunning Beauties and the Geek infantry who have arrived on tanks to begin Mission BATG.

But before we can meet everyone, the Geeks are ushered away by burly military men and directed to the Interrogation Room. At the helm of this interrogation is “Commandant Sophie” herself, who puts the unsuspecting Geeks under the microscope to extract important character intel.

We learn about karate expert Jayden, train fanatic Aaron and data scientist/musician Jason. Jason is so introverted he finds it difficult making eye contact with Sophie, but after performing a Bardot duet with her – Sophie singing and Jason playing the saxophone – he’s brimming with new-found confidence. 

Next it’s the Beauties’ turn to be put through their paces with the testing Ex’s Baggage Assault Course Challenge. Here the girls must purge their past relationship problems to prepare for the exacting BATG Mission ahead.

During this challenge Geek Michael, the children’s entertainer, becomes enamoured with Beauty Tara and Harry Potter Geek Anthony flashes on dancer Tegan. When Sophie gives the Geeks an opportunity to step forward and ask a Beauty on a date, Anthony asks Tegan out.

As everyone moves into their new homes, Angelique and Aimee are bonding over their spiritual side and a confusingly successful tarot card reading ensues. Meanwhile, roommates Aaron and Jayden get a surprise visit from Karly, who is eager to get to know Aaron. Aaron reveals to Karly his prized possession, which no one other than he himself has ever held – his model of the famous Ghan train. In a pivotal moment he allows Karly to delicately grasp it, and the connection they form is palpable. Jayden, the forgotten one in the room, watches on uncomfortably.

It’s time for Anthony and Tegan to step out together, but first Anthony gets a pep talk from his new Geek bros as he prepares to embark on a hugely significant rite of passage – his first date.

Armed with heartfelt advice from the Geeks, Anthony meets Tegan for a magical park date. After a joyride on Segways they sit down to a picnic where Anthony opens up and reveals why he loves magic so much – it was a way to escape from the bullying he copped at school and find a way to trust people again. He admits to Tegan that this is his very first date. She comforts Anthony and tells him how great the date was, which is a relief for him and a connection-making moment.

At Sophie’s mixer event it’s a chance for the Beauties and Geeks to finally mingle and figure out who they’re most compatible with. It’s also a chance for Sophie to see who is connecting and who will be paired with who. Going into the mixer, socially awkward Aaron is a bundle of nerves, but after two failed attempts at striking up a conversation with a Beauty he finds his confidence by chatting to a familiar face, Karly. Meanwhile, Michael musters up the nerve to talk to Tara and discovers that she too is a children’s party entertainer, which she demonstrates with a spectacular mermaid performance in the pool. Sparks fly and our first romance is introduced.

Sophie announces that it’s time for the pairings. Michael and Tara are thrilled to be matched while Aaron is extremely thankful to be paired with Karly. And Anthony and Tegan are hooked up after their great date.


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