Hunted Review

Hunted Review

Tonight, 10 unveil their new and highly-anticipated reality format Hunted, but is it worth tuning in?

The premise is simple, asking the question: if you had to disappear without a trace with a team of elite investigators in pursuit, could you evade capture?

To find out, nine pairs of ordinary Australians will become fugitives in this unique series. With limited funds and resources, these fugitives must think of ingenious ways to survive and remain undetected while on the run for 21 days. Surrounded by surveillance, the fugitives will have to constantly look over their shoulder, weighing up the risk and return of every move.

Hunting them down are some of the world’s best investigators, including former members of the Australian Federal Police (AFP), Australian Defence Force (ADF), British Intelligence, specials ops, and private security alongside skilled cyber analysts who will combine their expertise to hunt down our fugitives.

When the game begins, the 18 fugitives are dropped in Melbourne’s Federation Square with just $500 and an overnight bag, plus a covert camera crew.

The cast is a mixed bunch, including a police officer teamed up with their hairdresser best mate, and a pair of in-laws trying to prove age is just a number, just to name a few.

When the game begins, we are also taken into Hunted HQ where the hunters are given the fugitives names, photos and electronic devices, using a range of tool to try and catch them.

It’s exciting stuff and compelling TV as the fugitives all have different strategies to evade capture, but you’ll have to tune in to find out what these are.

Will the fugitives out-run the hunters and walk away with a share of $100,000?

It’s a solid start for 10’s new reality franchise.

4.5 Stars

Hunted starts 7:30pm tonight on 10 and continues Monday and Tuesday.


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