Food Over Fire And A Hidden Advantage.

Food Over Fire And A Hidden Advantage.

After years of island life, a new chapter began tonight as Australian Survivor went Outback. With the title of Sole Survivor and the $500,000 prize that goes with it up for grabs, our two new Tribes got to work to answer the age-old question: Brains or Brawn?

Presented with their first Reward Challenge where the winning Tribe could choose between an outback survival kit containing fresh fruit and vegies, rope and tarp, or fire in the form of a torch flame, it was Brawn who took home the advantage.

Choosing the survival kit over fire became their biggest mistake when the temperate dropped. Welcome to the stark, cold, reality of the Queensland outback!

The next morning, despite losing the Reward, Brains were in high spirits… except Wai who was feeling overwhelmed. Unhappy with how Mitch was running the Brains, George took Wai under his wing, before filling up at the well, only to uncover a hidden advantage!

Arriving at the Immunity Challenge, Brawn realised that regardless of winning the Reward Challenge, there was no advantage without fire. Making up for his poor choice yesterday, Simon redeemed himself with great ball skills, winning Brawn Immunity and saving them from Tribal Council.

With Mitch taking charge of the Brains and what he thinks was the vote, George bided his time until he could play his hidden advantage.

Fighting the good Brain fight, George backed his vision of keeping the Tribe strong with book smarts and street smarts and revealed his advantage. Choosing to save himself, Rachel, Baden, Cara, Georgia and Wai, it was Phil that had his torch snuffed, graciously leaving his crocheted hat as a memento to his Tribe.

But with Brawn taking out both the Reward and Immunity Challenge, so far the tally is zip, one,


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