Farmer Andrew’s in a pickle

Farmer Andrew’s in a pickle

Last night on  Farmer Wants A Wife, Farmer Andrew was blindsided by 27-year-old community relations worker Jess’ declaration of love, moments after he kissed 28-year-old retail manager Ash; while Farmer Will was shocked to discover 29-year-old communications director Jessica had left the farm without saying goodbye.

During her one-on-one motorbike date with Andrew, 30-year-old social worker Rachael seized the opportunity to ask where she stood with him. But the news wasn’t what she wanted to hear. “I think anyone would be really lucky to have you in their life, but I guess I have started to think this is more of a friendship than a romantic connection,” Andrew confessed. 

Rachael decided to leave the farm after hearing Andrew’s feelings toward her. “I do really like him, but he just sees me as a mate,” said Rachael explaining this wasn’t her first unreciprocated love. “I’m feeling a bit heartbroken.”

With Rachael no longer on the farm, there was a “different vibe” with just Jess and Ash left. Ash threw down a drafting challenge while the three were weighing lambs, with the winner getting one-on-one time with Andrew. Ash won the challenge, wiping the floor with Jess who walked away saying “this is f****” under her breath.      

As Jess cleaned up after dinner in the evening, Ash made her move on Andrew as they sat by the fire, saying she enjoyed their time hanging out during the day and she was looking forward to taking him to Brisbane to meet her family. “It’s drama-free with me. Whenever I see you in the house, I want to give you a big hug and a kiss, but obviously, it’s weird, you can’t do that.” Andrew took the bait. “Come on, then,” he said beckoning to Ash as she leant in for a kiss.

Moments after Andrew and Ash’s kiss, Jess returned as Ash left to make a cup of tea in the kitchen. Jess sat next to Andrew on the bench by the fire and laid her cards on the table. “I’m grateful to be here and I’m grateful for you. I just want you to know I care about you so much and I just think you’re amazing and I have fallen in love with you.”

To camera, Andrew said admitted he didn’t see Jess’ declaration coming. “Now I just feel like a jerk because I kissed Ash. So f***. Now I’m in a pickle.”

Will, 29-year-old zookeeper Kristina and 32-year-old nurse Jaimee returned from yabbying to find that Jessica was missing. To camera, Will said: “I don’t think Jessica would have just packed up and left. We had a chat and said we’d go and have a think about things. But when Jessica doesn’t answer her phone and they discover her luggage missing, it’s clear Jessica left without saying goodbye.

Speaking with Jaimee and Kristina, Will said, “all I know is that she’s safe and no longer here, so I take from that what you will.”

With farewell dinners in full swing, Farmer Rob said goodbye to 38-year-old mountain guide Leah and Farmer Sam asked 25-year-old personal trainer Demi to leave. Matt also said a heartfelt goodbye to 25-year-old executive assistant Hayley. “As much as it hurts and it breaks me, we have a lot of strong feelings for each other, but it troubles me that it may not be enough for the future.” Earlier that day Matt had also asked 25-year-old plumber Brydie and 27-year-old photographer Jacqui to leave the farm.


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