10 reveals Bachelorettes vying for Jimmy’s heart

10 reveals Bachelorettes vying for Jimmy’s heart

First Officer Jimmy Nicholson, has made no secret that he is looking for a special woman to spend the rest of his life with.  Well strap yourself in Jimmy, because 23 intelligent, confident and beautiful single ladies, are ready to make their mark on your heart when TheBachelor Australia premieres on Wednesday.

Hoping to accompany our most romantic Bachelor yet as his co-pilot in life, are our Bachelorettes for 2021. 

Hailing from New South Wales are Medical Equipment Installer, Annabelle; Flight Manager, Chanel; Personal Trainer, Elena; Registered Nurse, Hannah; Marketing Manager, Holly; Nutritionist, Jay; Youth Worker, Rebekah and Customer Service Officer, Tamlyn. 

On what she can offer a partner, Holly said: “Banter, a 4.9 star Uber rating, 49% of the doona, great taste in restaurants and go-to bars, and loyalty.” Is a 5-star red carpet review on the cards for Holly? 

Representing Victoria are Speech Pathologist, Ashleigh; Occupational Therapist, Brooke; Corporate Lawyer, Carlie; Executive Recruiter, Jacinta; Crane Operator, Lily; Marketing Coordinator, Madison; Technical Analyst, Sierah and Corporate Travel Manager, Tahnee. 

Alpha female Sierah is prepared to be engaged by the end of the show, on her terms, of course. She said: “Let him know I want an oval or marquise cut on a gold band.” Will our Bachelor like Sierah enough to put a ring on it?  

From the Sunshine State, Queensland are Dance Teacher, Ash; Criminal Lawyer, Belinda; Hair Stylist, Stevie and Company Director, Tatum.

Hoping to close the chapter on her single life, Belinda said: “I’m manifesting my fairy tale happy ending.” Could Jimmy be her Prince Charming?  

Speech Pathologist, Laura and Office Administrator, Lauren are proud South Australians, while Business Development Manager Stephanie is flying the flag for Western Australia. 

How exactly does Laura plan on capturing our Bachelor’s heart? She said: “With more than enough personality to keep him occupied until we’re old and withered”. We’re sure Jimmy can’t wait!

Through a series of perfectly curated cheeseboards, lavish dates, spectacular adventures and old-fashioned romance, we can’t wait to see Jimmy propel his way to true love. Here’s hoping he doesn’t hit any turbulence on the way up. 

Buckle up and get ready for take-off, this season of The Bachelor is one you don’t want to miss. 

The Bachelor Australia. Premieres Wednesday, 21 July At 7.30pm. Only On 10 


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