Tara’s shock return

Last night on Farmer Wants A Wife, the shock return of 25-year-old executive assistant Tara shattered the serenity of the luxury glamping getaway. Farmer Andrew continued to struggle with 27-year-old community relations worker Jess’ indecision about moving to the farm. 

Catching up with Farmers Matt, Sam, Will and Rob, Andrew shared his feelings about Jess being unsure of making a move to Delegate. Meanwhile, Jess explained to Jaimee she was feeling pressure from Andrew. “I do have a strong connection with Andrew, and I do think we could do long distance for a period of time and make it work. I just need him to be on board with that. I feel like he’s pushing me to a point.”

The boys’ catch-up was interrupted by host Natalie Gruzlewski with news that Tara had returned and would like to head back to the farm for a second chance at love with Matt.

Away from the main group, Tara opened up to Matt explaining why she left and the reason for her return. “I’m sorry. I lost sight of the bigger picture, of what could come out of this. I do get scared of showing my emotions and feelings, and I have to be vulnerable in this now. I know obviously, I regret leaving which is why I’m back here.”

A confused and overwhelmed Matt listened, unconvinced Tara wouldn’t leave again. In a move to assure him, Tara whispered, “I’ve missed you” and the deal was done. Tara was coming back to the farm.

Tara’s return was met with an icy reception from Matt’s ladies. “Physically, Tara is Matt’s type. He just wants a trophy wife,” said 25-year-old plumber Brydie. Matt approached 22-year-old waitress Alex and 25-year-old personal assistant Hayley to discuss his decision to let Tara come back to the farm. Alex walked away, not wanting to speak with him, while Hayley tackled the issue head-on. “You do this and it’s like ‘am I not good enough?’ Like constantly!” Matt pleaded with Hayley not to cry and assured her she was “plenty good enough”, but he felt compelled to explore his connection with Tara. 

Hayley didn’t back down questioning the conversations she had shared with Matt. “Are they a load of shit?” Matt responded saying he felt torn. “It’s an emotional rollercoaster. I can’t help that I have such strong feelings for you as well (as Tara)” Hayley asked him to leave.

Wanting to rebuild their relationship, Matt chose Hayley for the next one-on-one date. 

Having never been on a one-on-one date with Will, an emotional Kristina decided it was time to tell Will exactly how she felt. “I don’t want to be the last girl at the end that doesn’t get picked.” Will assured her he would never hurt her feelings and then asked her if they can go on the next one-on-one. Smiling, Kristina replied “I’m happy to go on your date.” 


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