Farmer Wants A Wife romance heats up with first dates and first kisses

Farmer Wants A Wife  romance heats up with first dates and first kisses

Tonight on Farmer Wants A Wife on Channel 7 and 7plus,Farmers Benjamin and Paige opened their hearts to love.

After a round of speed-dating, Farmer Benjamin invited his top five to the farm, while Farmer Paige decided to only invite four suitors.

“We are given such a short amount of time to get to know each other. To be really fair and respectful to you all and what you’ve done to be here, tonight I’ll be only asking four of you to join me on the farm. I respect you all too much to bring someone to farm that I don’t think I can see the future with,” said Farmer Paige.

After choosing one special person for their first 24-hour date, romance blossomed in the country as the farmers tried to woo the dates on their beloved farms before the other partners’ arrival.

Farmer Benjamin sent 36-year-old music teacher, Lyndsay, on a treasure hunt, while he stayed back to plan a surprise outdoor dinner. Lyndsay said: ”No one’s ever done something as grand as what Benjamin’s done this evening for me. What a man! And he thinks that he’s not schooled on romance!”

The dinner conversation took a serious turn when Benjamin expressed his desire to start a family one day, an idea that Lyndsay wasn’t opposed to, and the pair ended their first date with a kiss.

After spending the evening with Farmer Paige on a sunset picnic overlooking the farm, 26-year-old carpenter, Glen, said: “Coming on this journey has definitely been a good decision. I’m feeling confident that this could be the beginning of a love story, so I’m very interested to see where the things go.”

Farmer Will showed his romantic streak when he organised a magical, candlelight dinner in the woolshed for 24-year-old hairdresser, Alicia. While there were definitely some sparks, Will was in no rush to take the romance to the next level. “Of course I’d like to kiss Alicia, I’ve thought about it at times. I’m just not going to act on it just yet,” he said. “I didn’t come here to find a girlfriend. I didn’t come here to kiss everyone. I came here to find a really nice lady to be my wife.”

Farmer Harry went with a safe option and ordered Chinese takeaway for his special dinner date with Gabrielle. The 23-year-old property manager said she felt really comfortable letting her walls down around Harry.

Old-fashioned chivalry and a home-cooked meal was on the menu for Farmer Ben’s date with 31-year-old hospital administrator, Leish. The date ended with a kiss and a smitten Ben.


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