Ladies In Red Luck Out On Non-Elimination Leg

Ladies In Red Luck Out On Non-Elimination Leg

Tired and weary Racers made their way to picturesque Santorini for the fifth leg of The Amazing Race Australia.

Tensions rose between teams with Crystal and Reem refusing to help Angel and Frankie with the weight of some seafood at the very first Detour.

But friction amongst teams didn’t stop there when teammates Chelsea and Jamus decided to spend their Leg Money on fuel, not realising that money was actually for the cable car to get them to their next challenge.

With other teams helping Chelsea and Jamus through by spotting them the cash, the cable car took Teams to the base of a cliff only to then navigate a donkey and luggage back up the 500 plus stairs to get their next clue.

At the Road Block, Parkour was the name of the game and Flick and Gabby shot off in first place, only to get lost leading to Heath and Toni to land on the mat with Beau as the winners of this Leg.

With terrible navigation skills being their downfall, Tiffany and Cynthia brought up the rear but lucky for them, it was a non-elimination round and they lived to race another day.


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