Double Room Week on The Block brings plenty of Drama

Double Room Week on The Block brings plenty of Drama

Our Blockheads have to build two rooms from scratch this week, a guest bedroom and another bathroom.

At the Domain Open for Inspections, Sharon is devastated after coming second by half a point again with last week’s bathroom to Omar and Oz. Tom and Sarah-Jane took out the win for their master bedroom and walk-in-wardrobe, and it’s a popular decision

Most of the other contestants in particular Sarah-Jane and Rachel can’t understand how Ankur and Sharon did well at all. They slam the room, with Sarah-Jane calling it ‘hideous.’

Tom and Sarah-Jane have another fight, something that has become increasingly common on The Block. Sarah-Jane has a really rough day on The Block, she gets a call from her mother, their one-year-old daughter Cleo is sick, and she goes and spends the night with her. Tom backs up the decision, family comes first.

Omar’s wife Maz makes a surprise visit to The Block. He is very happy to see her, but Oz is disappointed as his wife Jasmin didn’t make the trip down from Sydney.

Ankur and Sharon’s builder Liam arrives on site on Monday morning and isn’t happy again, he believes they should have done some demo earlier.

Sharon isn’t having a bar of it, she says they must understand they can’t work 24 hours a day and they are trying their best.

Sharon isn’t having a good start to the week. After lots of back and forth with one of the suppliers on The Block, Damian from Grafico, he lets her know he won’t be able to help her with her wallpaper this week. It appears he was frustrated with Sharon and got over it. She is devastated.

At the Winners and Grinners dinner Scotty lets the contestants know that some couples are paying much more than others for trades, and they need to keep an eye on that.


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