Emergency returns to Nine

The heroes at the frontline of one of Australia’s busiest hospitals return for a bigger, better, more drama-filled season than ever when Emergency season two premieres tonight.

Join your favourite doctors and nurses for a captivating insight into the raw inner workings of the Royal Melbourne Hospital’s Emergency department, as they once again pull back the curtain for unprecedented access to the dedicated team of medical heroes dealing with life-and-death cases every day.

The gripping new season welcomes several new faces: Dr Luke De La Rue and Dr Scott Taylor, and NursesEbonySarah, and Kelsey.

They join the hospital hero favourites who are still going strong on the frontline, putting our lives before their own to save us, including Dr Mya and husband Dr BjornDr Jonathan, Dr Emma, and doctors SarahMichael, and Michelle, who we have been relying on more than ever in these difficult times.

In the heartfelt season premiere, Royal Melbourne Emergency’s Dr Emma calls in reinforcements to save a mother whose life hangs in the balance after a high-speed car crash on a country road. Dr Mya and Nurse Ebony brace themselves as paramedics bring in a volatile man putting himself and staff at risk. Dr Jonathan’s patient has a shocking fracture after falling four metres off a ladder. And Dr Luke examines a man who has collapsed at home and suffered deep facial bruising, also after a fall. But what caused this one?

As we will see, the highly skilled and dedicated staff at Royal Melbourne are always ready with heart, compassion, and care for the constant stream of patients coming through the doors – in any emergency.



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