Power couple torn apart in electrifying twist

Power couple torn apart in electrifying twist

 Last night on Big Brother, the housemates faced an electrifying task, but Brenton and Christina’s romance generated the biggest buzz.

Ari tried to put a target on Brenton’s back, spreading rumours the chef was a peanut butter thief, but only drew attention to his own sneaky ways.

In the challenge, Mitch and Marley teamed up to create the perfect balance, winning the all-important nomination power.

They nominated rumour-monger Ari alongside smitten kitten Christina and safe vote Adriana.

Jess was gunning to bring down the power couple and Christina saw her game unravelling before her eyes.

But Sonia had a surprise announcement at the eviction ceremony. Instead of voting to evict, the housemates would be voting to make someone the walking dead of Big Brother’s house.

Across the week, this “halfway housemate” will have one foot out the door, losing all privileges and the ability to compete in challenges or vote. Two other housemates will join the walking dead and one will be evicted by the end of the week.

Christina received the most votes and made her way to the panic room, her quarters for the week, where she lies in wait for the next walking dead housemate.  


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