Drunk History Australia. September 21

Drunk History Australia. September 21

 Monday, The Bachelor Australia franchise’s hopeless romantic Alex Nation, busts a rap as she plays Beryl Mills, the first Miss Australia, in Drunk History Australia.

Intoxingly told by Nikki Osborne, Beryl took out the competition and won a trip to America to meet the President. Now Beryl didn’t just toe the line; she was smart, articulate, outspoken and even snuck in a few digs at the Americans for being blinded by patriotism and knowing little of the outside world.

Elsewhere, the story of Australia’s greatest escaped-convict-turned-bushranger is rarely told because he, awkwardly, liked to dabble in a little bit of cannibalism.   

Darren McMullen tells the story of Alexander Pearce, who escaped from Sarah Island in remote Tasmania with seven men, and was the only person to make it back to civilisation. How, you ask? According to his own account, the men killed and ate each other to survive, each time promising that this person would be the last…

9:30pm Monday on 10